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Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech

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Heh. Always glad to oblige. :D

Morris has been putting up some good power numbers, and he had a spectacular weekend series against UGA. Obviously his bat fits better at 3B than at 1B. Unfortunately, his glove probably doesn't.

I think he's really making a strong statement regarding his collegiate play, and certainly throwing his hat in the ring for a number of awards. But I'm not sure the numbers are enough to push him higher than the second round, considering his approach at the plate. I could definitely be wrong, but 45-80 (Supp-1st to 2nd Round) seems like the sweet spot for him at this point. Definitely agree he has been fun to watch, so far.

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I understand, but you are just restating your opinion. I'm asking, can you show me where you are pulling that he has command issues and composure issues? Particularly confusing because Pomeranz has a pretty spotty history, particularly with pitch counts. His numbers look great this year, but check how many pitches he's had to throw and the fact that he's averaging less than 6 IP a start early on against not great teams (whereas McGuire is averaging just under 8 IP per start, also against not great teams).

I'm not knocking either of them too much, just curious as to how certain you seem. I'm always looking for more info on these guys.

I didn't like his motion. It's not smooth and seems like he puts everything he's got into every throw. I'd be afraid of arm injuries.

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