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B.A. reports Nats considering taking Taillon

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I'm sorry but anybody who doesn't want to draft and pay Bryce Harper what he is worth is being foolish IMO. Harper is a once in a generation type talent even if he can't stick at C.

Harper over Taillon is a major no-brainer. And the only team that you should be rooting for to take Bryce Harper is the Orioles.

He's hitting .431 with a .899 SLG and a .530 OBP.

To pass on that type of talent even for an arm like Tallion is doing a major harm to your franchise IMO. The Nats won't be that stupid.

This is not true. Folks were saying Hosmer was the best hitter since ARod two years ago.

Machado and Harper were on the same TeamUSA team and, per BA, Machado out hit Harper and Manny plays SS.

If one believes Harper is the BPA and wants to pay upwards of $15M, I can understand. I personally do not believe Harper is in the vicinity of Stausburg or Texiera or Weiters and would have a difficult time signing him for more $8-9M or so.

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But he is making more, then guys who have actually done something in the ML, which is no given for Strasburg. He could blow out his arm, get in a bar fight and hurt his shoulder, or lose control of the strike zone all together. As a former player, I understand both sides of the arguement, but I personally think you should get paid for what you do, in the ML's, not what you might be able to do.

This is more a critque of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (and I think, a valid one) than the player. Just like a player has the duty to do everything he can to perform up to any contract that he signs, he has a responsibility to himself and his family to provide the best life possible. The biggest piece of the equation is $$$.

It is not the player's duty to try and reform a bad salary structure in any sport. The MLB has the strongest players union in sports. If it wants to emphasize veterans over rookies, it can probably get results in the next CBA negotiations (2011). I think all sports need serious reform in terms of salary $ distribution to trend it away from the newer players. Baseball is interesting though, because players can toil in the minors for years before being earning his 'rookie' MLB salary. Since service time does not start until your rookie season, I think the CBA should take into consideration guys like Chris Coste who was a AAAA player that finally put it all together.

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    • You said you wanted him to putting a winning team on the field. He did. And of course Elias deserves a ton of the credit for last year. The bullpen was the strongest part of the club and Elias built most of the bullpen with a series of low key moves involving players that almost none of us knew.  One of the players that Elias drafted was runner up in the AL Rookie of the Year voting. Another player from the same draft came up late in the year and injected more life and talent into the club. Elias and his staff did a lot of things right last year. They made mistakes, but I don't think we should let those mistakes and the boring offseason ruin the enjoyment of last year and ignore the real progress that the team and especially the organization has made. It is not all gloom and doom. Heck, they won 83 games without even trying. Just think what Elias will do when he is "making a good faith effort to make the playoffs."   One year does not a rebuild make? I think that is exactly what Elias would tell us. And of course the Orioles rebuild is very much built for the long-term, not the short-term. They apparently barely have two nickels to rub together, so the team that we really want to see is going to primarily come from within. That's going to take a lot longer than you, me, and most of the fans want, but that's the way it is.    Hopefully the team gets off to a hot start and we can all go back to day dreaming about better times for the Os...and especially for us fans. 
    • Looks like he's playing 1B in minor league camp.  Be a great way to find our LH hitting 1B.    
    • So let me set the scene.  It's two in the afternoon and 34 degrees...  
    • For most games, gates are one hour before first pitch.  "Selected" games are two hours.  Opening day the gates open at noon. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/ballpark/information/guide#g-content  
    • Any word on gate times?  My rep told me he couldn’t say but a change was coming.  Also not sure on what the status of all of the gates is for opening day, but I can imagine it will be a nightmare if they don’t do at least two hours before the game. 
    • I mean with all the talk he has to put up a 5 WAR season because baseball, right? 
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