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4/7 O's vs Rays

Big Mac

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    • I refuse to watch ESPN other than for a live sporting event due to the pushing of political policies that I disagree with. I do not listen to sports talk radio shows. Although I used to up to around 10 years ago.  
    • I tend to focus on FIP stats with minor league pitchers because the defense can be pretty terrible in the lower levels. His HR9 of 0.8 looks pretty good to me as well. All things considered he seems to be having a strong year.
    • Westburg: “Not the Orioles second baseman you expected to see on this list, huh? I guess Jackson Holliday is on here too (albeit further down), but I don’t think many people expected Westburg to be the young standout putting up spectacular major league numbers halfway through the season. Here’s some inside dirt on the making of this list: I ranked Westburg aggressively high so that I could learn what people really thought of him when they told me to move him lower. It didn’t work, though. Everyone just agreed with where I had him and moved on. In that sense, maybe it actually worked very well. “If you put Westburg’s numbers under a microscope, nothing looks particularly weird or unsustainable. He comes up to the plate looking to do damage, putting his solid sense of the strike zone to work proactively. He hits a ton of fly balls and pops homers to all fields. Camden Yards is a terrible home park for him, in fact, thanks to the new left field cutout, but he’s slugging his way through it. Projection systems have seen all they need to; they universally think Westburg is going to continue to be a plus bat going forward. “There were some early questions about his defensive viability, but he looks perfectly acceptable to me. I’d call Westburg an average defender at second and third, and that versatility is nice. That goes a long way towards describing his overall game, really. He can play a few spots defensively, he’s a reasonable bat up and down the lineup, he runs the bases well — every team could use more Westburgs. He’s 25, he won’t be a free agent until after the 2029 season, he’s mashing in the majors right now, and he’s projected to keep doing so. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.”  
    • I don’t think we really know how bad his defense is at 3B, or if it’s really bad at all.  We just have worries based on the stats we can see.   At least a few people who watch him play a lot say he’s not as bad as some people think.  So, we’ll see.
    • I’m hopeful but he’s frustrating.  He went 4 innings with 0 walks and 7 K the other day.  Very good.  However, he gave up 3 runs in the first inning before settling down.  He gets hit too much and gives up the long ball but the low walk/high strikeout ratio is encouraging.   
    • I truly believe that one of Mateo or Urias will be gone by August 1. I think Elias is being cautious only in so far as he doesn't want to give either away for nothing. 
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