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4/7 O's vs Rays

Big Mac

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Yeah, it's unfortunate..

Our lineup is really pretty damn weak. We have a guy who hit 14 home runs hitting leadoff and our first baseman bats 8th. That's not going to work in the AL East.

I'm just bummed because for once I wanted to Orioles to show some life. This whole "well, we're only losing by a little bit" is just loser talk. I'm sick and damn tired of watching the Orioles lose close games.

It's a long season and the Orioles will win some games and look better, but looking at Tampa's lineup and pitching staff makes me sick.

Lots to be frustrated with, for sure. I think it's part of the reason I lose patience with silly critiques of the front office. Given the division, the FO will simply have to be better than the vast majority of FOs in baseball. That means they are going to be held to a higher standard by the hardcore fans, and there will plenty of legitimate second guessing of moves. No reason to muddy the waters with nonesense.

That gripe out of the way, BAL needs to spend this offseason and make sure 2011 is the start of "being truly competitive". AFter 2010, the holes should be evident and I'm not much for having Jones/Wieters/Matusz/Tillman/Arrieta/Bergesen/etc. get saddled with the same start to their career that Roberts and Markakis were welcomed to.

Also, it'd be great to see Britton/Bell/Snyder/etc. jumping on board a team that is already set-up to be a winner.

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A baseball season has 1458 innings. Some folks here are whining and giving up after 17 of them. That's .0116 of a season.

BTW, the '91 Braves who went from worst-to-first started the season 0-2. The '91 Twinkies who did the same thing started out 2-9.

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