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4/7 O's vs Rays

Big Mac

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    • Hicks has been fine, but he is a bandaid and all signs point to this being his ceiling, not his floor. He is not meant to be a longterm solution, or even a midterm solution so I am fine with it. The fact he is contributing in this way is gravy.  See: Carpenter, Matthew 
    • He's on the DSL Black team so no, they didn't have him make the jump. It's rare for a guy to make that jump mid-season mostly due to VISA issues so I don't think we see him stateside until next year.  Still, lots of interesting guys in the FCL this year offensively. Pitching like throughout the system looks to be the weak point. We'll see. Maybe some guys surprise.
    • Newman is totally fine as the pre and post game host. She has done a nice job with that. Her PBP abilities are a different story. I would argue what she does isn't so much PBP but more just chit-chat between pitches. It makes it hard to watch and listen to. I muted the TV on Friday night and synched up the radio broadcast.  Ryan Wagner is dearly missed as the public address guy. I thought he was fantastic. O's decided to promote within (and check a box) and the woman who is doing it now is very boring and doesn't have any energy. 
    • Hicks is making a good first impression both offensively and defensive.  A 1208 OPS tends to do that.  But he can't maintain that and no one should expect him to.   His career has been plagued with injuries which make it questionable if he can stay healthy for the O's for the rest to the season.    But he is playing well now so we should enjoy it while it lasts.
    • For now!  Again, our concerns are that the overuse will affect the team later in the season.  Let's take Cano for example. The most innings Cano has ever thrown as a pro (Not counting his Cuban time) was 69.2 IP in 42 games in 2021 between AA and AAA. He is currently on pace for 69 games and 85.1 IP at the major league level, and 77 games and 93 IP if you count his minor league usage. Last year, Tate (67 games and 73.2 IP), Baker (66 games and 69.2 IP), Bautista (65g and 65.2 IP) and Perez (66 and 57.2 IP) were all used in similar amounts of games, but none were within 15 innings of Cano's projected innings. Other members of the bullpen projections: Baumann   71 games and 86 innings Bautista     74 games and 77 innings Baker         77 games and 71 innings Coulombe 71 games and 58.2 innings So that's five relievers with projected games at 70 or more. I tried to do a little research and was not able to come up with any team that had five relievers with 70 or more games in a season. Now maybe someone will find a team and that's fine, but I still think this is going to catch up with the team in the second half if Hyde/Orioles don't find a way to start using bulk relievers to take the workload down off these five guys.  
    • yeah, the Orioles looked good in the two wins, solid pitching, just good play all around. Cobb is having some kind of renaissance right now he's been doing what he did to us all over so sometimes you just get beat.  Really nice to see the team jump on a pitcher that is struggling early, seems like they let them off the hook too much. 
    • For me, I like the idea of keeping him around over Vavra or perhaps McKenna. Hicks has been injured a lot, playing in only 307 games of a possible 600 or so since 2019. He did play in 130 games last year, however. He’s a switch-hitting veteran bat with playoff experience, and seems to fit in the clubhouse. We’ll see how his health holds up, but if he is used correctly it could be one of those additions we look back on favorably after the season. I don’t want it to get in the way of Cowser coming up, however. 
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