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4/13 Rays @ Orioles


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    • Oh and their uniforms... also atrocious. 
    • True. Much like the way Perez struggled earlier this season. I think you have to start with those three from the left side because of how they pitched in 2023. Elias will certainly look for another hidden gem or two, but I don't see them spending a lot on a free agent relief pitcher.
    • We don’t really know anything about the basis for the decisions of MLB or the arbitrator.  But I’m sure MLB would have had the burden of proof to show that Bauer violated the league’s conduct policy.  I think a couple of points are worth making.   1.  A criminal case requires proof of a criminal act beyond a reasonable doubt.  A suspension requires a violation of the league’s conduct policy, but not necessarily a criminal act, and I’m sure the standard of proof is something less than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” 2.  The conduct on which the suspension was based may not have related solely or even principally to this specific incident.  There were some other women accusing Bauer, as I recall.   I haven’t studied MLB’s domestic violence policy or whether the CBA has processes for appealing an unfavorable arbitration decision.  I do know that generally, the window to seek court review of an arbitration decision is quite short (90 days).   So far as I know, Bauer did not challenge the arbitration decision in court.  So, I doubt he has any further recourse now.     
    • I have to say, that would be pretty great.  Not that the stadium won’t be rocking anyway, but that building would absolutely explode if they got a whistle, a light show, and one last heater (and Adley hug) from the Mountain. And as you said, it would be a great opportunity to properly give him his flowers for an unbelievable season, where he flat-out carried this team on his back at times.
    • I agree with most everything... except I would give Adley an A-.  He led, or was among the leaders, in most offensive categories for catchers.  
    • Twins have compensated for underperformance or absence of their supposed stars with power depth: 12 players with double-digit home run totals (the O's have eight and one of them--Frazier--seems to have lost his homer bat). Twins out-homered the O's 233 vs. 183 but were outscored 778 vs. 807. Everyone talks about the Twins' starting rotation, but I don't think Lopez/Gray/Ryan is superior to Bradish/Grayson/Means. But they did have the look of a team with mojo last night vs. the Jays....
    • Just saw the Correa highlight, and two things jumped out at me right away....the baseball movement itself ended up being close to classic Brooks, and if the Twins go far it'll go to that Jeter in Oakland legend level.
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