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4/14 - Rays @ O's

Rex Thunder

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Well that part of the thread was right, but I disagree with the stats angle and that the team was expected to win with pitching and defense.

The team was supposed to win with pitching and defense this year. The bats were going to be brought in once we were settled with that as a foundation. That stats angle I only used to make the point of what's happened so far this year.

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I don't care about the frustration. I want him to chill out and go up there relaxed (easier said than done). He should know he can hit by now. I think the same thing should be said for all the guys that are struggling. Frustration and pressing will never help em get out of a slump.

Edit: and after I actually read the article, Nick and I have the same mindset about this.. lol

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Arrieta cruising at Norfolk today. 3H, 2BB, 5K, 79 pitches in 7 shutout innings. Good to see. Maybe he can come up and bump somebody into a bullpen that needs help right now.

Another move is pending. Expect either Kam Mickolio or Alberto Castillo to be recalled from Triple-A Norfolk. I think one of these will be replacing Gonzo,

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