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What is the ceiling for the Nats?


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Up until now, the Nats have been a non-entity, much like the Orioles have been, since they moved to DC. They don't have the history or fanbase that the O's have to help them get through the losing...whatever that means.

Anyway, for conversation's sake, say the Nats turn the corner, and become competitive...and maybe even make the playoffs within the next few years.

What is their ceiling? They are in a big market -- and if they start to win, the fans will come. That is just the nature of the beast (and DC).

Do you think they can be like the Cubs? Red Sox? Dodgers? If they get over the hump, gain some fans, can they could become a power in the NL?

I don't know much about their ownership or front office, though, so I am mainly asking.

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They certainly have some things going for them. As you say it is a big market that responds well to a winner. They are also fortunate to be in an inferior league. I know these things are cyclical but if nothing else they are free from the two headed monster that the Os have to deal with. As for the front office the only one I really know is Stan Kasten, who was president of the Braves from the mid-1980s through to Turner selling the team (or so). Of course I think there are fears that ownership is cheap, so time will tell there.

I guess in short I don't know if they can become the Yankees of the NL or something like that, but I think they can become a significant force if they do things the right way and get a little luck on their side. Just my opinion, though.

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