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4/24: In Matusz We Trust


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    • I've wondered if Bradish has a good Friday is he back for game 4 of the Yankees series, and I guess Cionel rates the same kind of wonder if he bounces back and has another good enough appearance.     He's kind of a short term quiz who does Elias think can compete best with Anthony Rizzo and Juan Soto.
    • I didn't realize he was this close to returning.  Looks like we'll have a bit of a roster crunch coming up with the pitching staff with Bradish, Means, and Perez, all out of options and due back in the next 10 days.  Wells could possibly be returning soon too.  Although, Wells can be optioned.   Only Tate, Akin, and Cano, can be optioned with the current relievers.  Suarez and Irvin are also out of options as well.   Will we go with three lefties in the pen like last year?  Coloumbe, Irvin, and Perez, were all staples of last year's bullpen.   If everyone is healthy in the next two weeks... Burnes, Grayson, Bradish, Kremer, Suarez Kimbrel, Cano, Coloumbe, Webb, Perez, Means, Irvin, Baumann AAA - Tate, Akin, Wells DFA - Ramirez
    • It’s April and he’s thrown 13 innings.  I imagine if he throws 2-4 more starts like the last two he’ll get a quick promotion to Aberdeen.   
    • At worst he’s a 4th outfielder. Gonna be hard to throw away the value he has defensively. 
    • He's 22 in Aberdeen hitting .234 with four extra base hits. The lack of power has always been a known issue and if the bat will play has always been a concern.
    • The offense certainly carried the bullpen this roadtrip. The bullpen SHOULD settle down though like I said in the game thread yesterday, besides Kimbrel and maybe Coulombe, who do you have complete faith in when they come in the game?  Not to turn this into a bullpen discussion in Frobby's offense thread, but the offense had to carry the pen.  As much as I don't think the offense is sustainable at this road trip level long term, I do think we are seeing some young hitter blossom that could very well make the Orioles offense one of the best in the league for a long time.  The emergence of Cowser and Westburg this year, along with the improvements by Gunnar against lefties and Mountcastle's continued willingness to take a walk has really broadened the threat factor in this lineup. Against righties, the Orioles can put six guys in a lineup with .359 or high OBP right now. All of this and Adley and Mountcastle only have four home runs between them, so we can expect more power from them as well. Sure, Cowser and Westburg may cool off some and even Gunnar is most likely not going to carry a 1.000+ OPS the rest of the year, but Mullins and Santander should improve their OBPs.  So really, even if some guys cool down, others have room to heat up. 
    • People are coming to the realization that he probably won't be an MLB caliber player
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