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4/25, O's @ Sux

Balmer Bomber

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It's getting close to game time, so I figured I'll go ahead and start a game thread.


Nolan Reimold LF

Adam Jones CF

Nick Markakis RF

Miguel Tejada 3B

Luke Scott DH

Ty Wigginton 2B

Rhyne Hughes 1B

Craig Tatum C

Cesar Izturis SS

David Hernandez RHP

Red Sux

Marco Scutaro SS

Dustin Pedroia 2B

Victor Martinez C

Kevin Youkilis 1B

David Ortiz DH

JD Drew RF

Adrian Beltre 3B

Jeremy Hermida LF

Jonathan Van Every CF

Tim Wakefield RHP

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Another 0 for 3 with runners in scoring position. Ho hum.

It seems set in stone doesn't it.

Tejeda's shot really hurt. We try to make something happen and start the runners. Beltre breaks to cover and it takes him right to the ball. Really hard to believe.

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