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4/25, O's @ Sux

Balmer Bomber

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Down on the farm:

Brad Bergesen has pitched 2 scoreless for the Tides. 3 Ks, 0 BB, 1 H.

Chorye Spoone got beat up in the first inning for the Baysox, allowing four hits and issuing 2 walks which resulted in 3 ER.

O'Shea has allowed one run on 2 hits through 3 IP for the Keys.

Hobgood is starting off strong again, with 2 scoreless innings in the books for Delmarva. One hit, no Ks, no BBs. 5 ground ball outs to 1 flyout so far.

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I mean, what argument do you expect him to make? The umpire thought (wrongly) that he stepped off before making the catch. It's a judgment call, not a misapplication of the rules.
Well, you aren't ever going to get them to admit a mistake or change thejir mind anyway. The argument is always in hope of future calls. I would rant and rave about how just the night before Pedroia got the benefit of the doubt when he was clearly off the bag. Inquire why there is such a double standard ... and personally, I would make the point forcefully.
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    • Cordero has a 936 career OPS at AAA in  987 PA and that is about the level of competition he has seen this spring.  He has a 676 career OPS in 726 PA in the majors.   Those numbers are probably more telling than his ST numbers. He has been pretty poor in the OF and 1B defensively.   He is really a DH. He may have an opt out but that would not convince me to put him on the 40 man roster. I'd take Vavra.
    • Very disappointing. Hope he’s healthy…knock on wood. 
    • Pitchers may be throwing strikes more too when the games don't count. I have no numbers to back that up but it makes sense.
    • Seth Johnson and John Means will be moved to the 60-day IL so they will have 40-man spots available for the bench. There aren’t any pitchers in contention to need one.
    • Cordero has a split contract that pays him more at the MLB level than in AAA. I believe many of those have a built in opt out where the player would need to accept the minor league assignment (and they might, depending on spring training performance and how much they would be paid). Cordero has hit well enough in spring training and the Orioles will have so many similar players in AAA that I think he’s likely to use the opt out, assuming he has one.  Mazara has an opt out but I don’t think the Orioles care if he uses it - they’ll likely only have room for one of him and Neustrom and neither has much upside. O’Hearn and Diaz I believe do not have opt outs and are likely to be kept as AAA depth. Lester I’m not sure about, but I would guess no opt out there. So I think Cordero is the most likely to stick initially if they are intrigued by his upside.  Vavra’s future with the Orioles is as a utility man but he doesn’t actually have experience playing 1B and 3B in the minors. I think he needs that before he slides into that role. Giving him regular AAA ABs for a few months also provides some potential that another team could see him as a possible starter, if he hits very well and they are higher on his 2B defense than the Orioles are. If by June or so that hasn’t happened, then he’ll have plenty of AAA at bats and enough time covering other positions to slide into his role as the 26th man utility guy. 
    • Are the Orioles going to create a 40 man spot to keep Cameron over McKenna?
    • I find it hard to believe a trade happens. This thing is going to take care of itself over the course of time.    I’m sure teams made inquiries about players this off-season. Elias keeps talking about the depth and options Hyde will have. This is a good situation to be in. Not like years ago when players were handed jobs. Elias is not forced to do anything at the moment. Nor should he. This is just going to require some patience. 
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