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4/25, O's @ Sux

Balmer Bomber

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Down on the farm:

Brad Bergesen has pitched 2 scoreless for the Tides. 3 Ks, 0 BB, 1 H.

Chorye Spoone got beat up in the first inning for the Baysox, allowing four hits and issuing 2 walks which resulted in 3 ER.

O'Shea has allowed one run on 2 hits through 3 IP for the Keys.

Hobgood is starting off strong again, with 2 scoreless innings in the books for Delmarva. One hit, no Ks, no BBs. 5 ground ball outs to 1 flyout so far.

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I mean, what argument do you expect him to make? The umpire thought (wrongly) that he stepped off before making the catch. It's a judgment call, not a misapplication of the rules.
Well, you aren't ever going to get them to admit a mistake or change thejir mind anyway. The argument is always in hope of future calls. I would rant and rave about how just the night before Pedroia got the benefit of the doubt when he was clearly off the bag. Inquire why there is such a double standard ... and personally, I would make the point forcefully.
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