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4/25, O's @ Sux

Balmer Bomber

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Obviously this doesn't mean much coming from a fan of a team that's 2-16, but the Red Sox just don't look very good to me this year. Their offense doesn't frighten me, and neither does their pitching. I think they finish third this year in the AL, and end the year at about 85 wins or so.

We'll most likely get swept still, but honestly....does anyone else see what I'm seeing?

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On days like this, it's easy to see why people see DH as a closer. He has shut down the Red Sox for five innings on two hits, with just one consistent pitch. Add another 2 MPH to his FB (short reliever uptick) and it would be sick, sick, sick.

On days like this, it's easy to see why people see DH as a starter...

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Palmer/Thorne commented that DH is starting to lose commmand, maybe getting tired. Hopefully he has one more solid inning in him but honestly I wish he would go the complete game because of our damn bullpen. He doesn't look like he has enough for that so I'm hoping for one more solid inning then I guess it's a coin toss up about how the bullpen does.

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Yes, if he can start use his secondary pitches more. I don't think he'll be able to be a consistent starter if all he's confident in is his fastball, a la Daniel Cabrera..

Right... now is when he needs to start using pitches they haven't seen much the first 2 times thru the order...

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    • Yes.  My bad.  Section 84.  Devo always said hi to fans when he came out.  Lot of little mini hat tips/curtain calls to the LF section fans during his time in CF & LF.  
    • Hearing some reports that today should be a happy Monday indeed.
    • Agreed, but different people on this board have different valuations. Quicker arrival of a safer pick vs. a longer term and higher risk with significantly better potential reward. Is it simply the best talent, or are we adding in the risk of the player group (Such as HS pitcher)? It should be the most likely production/value based on the scouting input and data algorithm, and none of us here have that kind of info. Elias’ staff really does a great job scouting. They look hard at aptitude and other intangibles as deciding factors, to go along with the talent evaluations. Many of the ”tooled-up” scouting darlings out of HS never amount to much in pro ball. Aptitude and maturity are big factors as to why. With the PD system of Matt Blood and staff, I would like to see what they can do with a higher end HS talent like those we have mentioned. Particularly, I am curious what they want in a HS pitcher. I am curious what that looks like and how they would develop them. They were supposedly in on Bitsko, but a big late velocity bump scares me. And he’s been a poster boy for the risk of that group. I know where you have stood on this in the past. You wanted Jordan Lawler instead of Kjerstad. I was of the same opinion, until I really looked at his 2020 video more. We were both quite high on Drew Jones, but were good with Holliday when all was said and done. 
    • I guess someone values Hall? He's still top 100 on some list. I'm just not very high on a guy his age who still hasn't mastered AAA. I don't think Norby can headline a package for a top of the rotation starter with more than just this season on the contract. Ortiz is interesting because some here believe he's as good or better than Westburg given the defensive value. If the package of players that you mentioned is all it would take to get a TOR starter, I would be through the moon! Mayo looks like a Mountcastle type with better OBP skills. A low BA guy who will be dependent on slugging percentage to derive value.
    • That's a good point. Hopefully this is a situation where they are using an abundance of caution in order to get him off to a good start vs he didn't look good down in extended spring training and wasn't able to make the FCL. He's still very young though but it would have been nice to see him play in the FSL at 17 years old like Basallo did though it's worth noting that Basallo is really 4 months younger than Almeyda so he appears to play a year younger by baseball cutoff date of 1 July.
    • Which is what it took to acquire a Hall of Famer with two years left on his contract. Aim for something a little lower and maybe you're only giving up a Hall, Norby, or Ortiz. FWIW, I suspect Elias values Mayo as much as Kjerstad and Westburg. 
    • It defies logic why he has the 2nd most PA on the team. A low 700 OPS from a 1B is just brutal! 
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