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San Francisco columnist boycotting (Y)ESPN(ESN)


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I didn't realize that ESPN was showing the Mets three times in a row????

Shouldn't there be some kind of penalty for showing the same team three weeks in a row in the "game of the week?"

That is startling... thank goodness for the MLB Network.

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Even more annoying than three weeks in a row of Mets, was it is back to back days of Mets-Phillies because they were on FOX today.

MLB should let FOX, TBS, and ESPN draft one series every weekend. Change the order every week. When ESPN gets into Friday baseball during a Yankees-Red Sox series:

Fri - Yanks/Sox on ESPN

Sat - Yanks/Sox on FOX

Sun - Yanks/Sox on ESPN or TBS

I'm pretty sure this has happened before. Two out of three games happens all the time. There should be only one national game per series.

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