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May 9 Anyone watching?

Mike B

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Started ok. Didn't look awful when they put up the first three spot. Looked awful during the 2nd three spot. He threw almost all fastballs as they pasted him the last inning. It was odd.

Berken looks good out there.

Thanks. I know several people are rooting for Berken to switch roles with Hernandez and become the 5th starter, but I like him in his current bullpen position. No reason to change something that's working well.

In other news, the offense can't do anything against Nick Blackburn.

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I can understand when we get shut down by top pitchers that are on their game, but I can't understand today. We've got a blooper and a chopper for our two hits against a guy that doesn't impress me at all. This performance is unacceptable.

The two anomalies this year:

1. Orioles ineptitude to hit against pitchers in the back end of the rotation.

2. Orioles ineptitude to get the bottom of the opposing team's lineup out.

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