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TT: Zach Britton -The Brave Work in Progress


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Well, what I was trying to convey is that by AA ball it should of been a viable pitch for him, not work in progress.. he should be refining the pitch now.. not trying figure out if he can throw it. That's all i'm saying.

Viable= a useful pitch

I know some of you guys will have a hard time with that word, so I figured I'd clarify.

Matusz spent his time in AA working on his fastball use and command, he would stay away from his change and curve to do it. AA is usually the turning point where you have to develop that 3rd or 4th pitch, in A ball you can still be a 2 pitch guy and put up gaudy numbers. So I guess short answer is no, it doesn't have to be viable before AA, this is the level you want to work on those weaker pitches, because the batting talent is getting good enough to get a good test.

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