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MacPhail to release web video for fans tomorrow


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Truly, MacPhail could announce that he's fired Trembley, fired Crowley, traded 5 B-level prospects for AGon, lowered ticket prices, did away with the walk up day of game charges, and made OriolesHangout the official sponsor of Porn night at the Park, and Trae would STILL complain about it.

This is pure gold, and that would be truly awesome.

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Seriously - what is taking so long to put this video up?

They filmed it yesterday for crying out loud.

Andybody with a basic MAC could've edited that in iMovie slapped some titles on it and churned it out to MLB.com.

What is he making Apocalypse Now?

Well...now that i think about it...

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It's not just his time, but the cost and time of the filming crew and then the cost and time spent to edit and upload it.

All of that could have been put to better use.

It's a waste of resources.

How expensive could this actually be??? ha!

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I personally like the "three-RBI homer," myself.

Wish I could hear Thorne call that more for the O's...

Yeah well that would require you to...you know....actually watch the games...

I guess it's common though, to obsess over things you don't even watch because I have 25 k posts on this Dancing with the Stars forum, I don't watch the show or anything, just look at who's been voted off on the website then piss and moan about how I could of voted a better person off. I'm sorry I just can't help but think if they doled out some of that ABC/Disney money that we all know they have, maybe they could get some better premium stars to come dance. I mean it's not like it's being aired on lifetime network, ABC is not a small market station, they can afford better stars than Shannon frickin Doherty. If the head honchos at ABC decided to shell out the money to bring in some of this premium talent, I might......just might.....start watching the show. I mean I don't care if they have to blow their load on getting Brad Pitt and surrounding him with a bunch of extras, the show NEEDS a premium talent celebrity in order for this show to compete at such a highly contested time slot! :cussing:

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