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Reimold is going to Norfolk


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Wow I am seeing some different things than some of you.

Reimold looks lost at the plate? No way. He's drawing a lot of walks, working a lot of counts. He isn't hitting as well as he's proved he can, that will come with time.

This move baffles me a bit. Send him down to Norfolk to play every day then bring him back and will he play every day? Probably not. How is that supposed to help him. My thoughts are if you really want to help him, play him every single day in LF as he seems to hit better when he plays there. I don't have stats to back it but just from my observations so far. Play him every day, show him you have faith in him. Sending him down could be demoralizing. It's tough when you're constantly being moved in different spots/positions every game. He's not used to that, I'd just play him in LF every day for a while. He's been hitting better and running better lately so why the move now?

Whatever, I just hope this works out for Reimold and the O's. We need him, he's a very good ball player.

I tend to agree with this. My larger issue is that this isn't a 22 year old with little upper-level experience. He has already logged over 600 PAs between AAA and ML, and was highly impressive last year. He's still walking around once every 10 PAs. This is someone who should, at this point, be able to handle a slump and doctor his swing at the ML level. I understood the Tillman move -- young kid still learning what it takes to pitch at the ML level. That's not Reimold.

Is it the end of the world? Of course not. Whatever. But it troubles me that BAL can't get this accomplished with their ML coaches/team. The solution is just to let him beat up on competition in a level he proved beyond last year (to the tune of .394/.485/.743!!)?

Just seems like baby gloves to me, but what do I know?

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I am late to the party here, but this is just silly to me.

I haven'y really questioned the Organization. More could be done, but a lot has been done with the talent that is here, but doing this...I just don't get it.

I call shenanigans.

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I get that he is slumping and I get that they want to play him everyday, but I just don't see why the couldn't have done that here. They were playing him inconsistently and most of the games he played he was taken out for Montanez to be a defensive sub. I just don't think he was getting the ABs or start he needed to to break out of the slump. If it was because injury he should be on the DL or be DH almost every game. Hopefully he make the best of it though and regains some confidence down there, hit the ball well, and come up soon like Bergy and get Montanez off this team.

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