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5/14: Indians at Orioles


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Is it me, or does Hughes have bat speed issues?

I've seen him behind many a middle middle fastball around 90-92mph.

Been saying that for a while.

I agree re: Jones - when he's compact he's plus. I disagree on Hughes, who's been behind on numerous above average fastballs and has rarely touched a pitch up. Nick is okay, but not plus (probably above average). Absolutely agree re: Felix.


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I think he is taking a little longer to see the ball rather than having bat speed problems, but he is definitely waiting a little too long on fastballs. He missed some hittable pitches in that at bat.

I think he also has bat speed issues. I stand by that. :)

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Did I see that right. CPat was putting his chew in his back pocket with his glove off, when Guthrie was throwing to the batter. I don't think I've ever seen that before. I know a leftie was up to bat, but...:eektf:

After his catch right there, let him do what he wants. Reimold lets that fall for a double.

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