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Boz says '10 Nats Could Go All the..


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Tom Boswell in Thursday's WaPo compares the Nats to the '89 O's, who he covered daily. He also provides feel good comments about our former O's, which is always good reading.

In his weekly Q&A he says, "But first, let me add one key point to my column on the Nats this morning. Can they improve enough in one year to make the playoffs?

Yes, absolutely.

Will they?

That's why we watch the games.

How can I say, "Yes." Because I covered the '89 Orioles who went from 54-107 to 87-75 -- a 33-win improvement -- in one season. The Nats, once they get Strasburg and Storen up, have more talent than those O's without question. That doesn't mean they'll even go 81-81. But it does mean that they are capable of something like an 87-75 season.

After 34 games, the '89 O's were only 15-19! It took them a long time to realize that they were no longer bad. (The Nats knew that even when they were 0-11 in spring training. How they could be so sure I don't know, but I was down there then and they were.

The O's caught fire May 15th and went 16-3 to reach 31-22, capping the streak with a 16-3 win over the Yanks in New York. Then they got hot again, went 7-0 and were in first place by seven games (!!) on June 22nd.

Now, here's what's most amazing to me. The O's fell apart completely in July and went 1-13 -- yes, 1-13 -- to see their lead drop to one game. How will the Nats react when they have their slump? Maybe not 1-13. But they'll be tested.

The Birds kept fighting and on Sept 27th went to Toronto for a three-game series just one game behind the Blue Jays for first place. No wildcard then. They lost, 2-1, on Friday night.

But if those O's, who'd traded malcontents like Eddie Murray, Fred Lynn and Terry Kennedy over the winter, but added nobody who was considered a star (Phil Bradley?) could improve by 33 games, the Nats could do something amazing.

That's not the same as "will." But don't waste the pleasure of imagining how it could happen."

This may warm NMS' cuckles....;)


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When Strasburg and Storen come up, look out. They could be the real deal. Good for them.

Aside from Livan (whom the clock will strike midnight and return to a 4.50 ERA any day now), do they have one other legitimate starting pitcher?

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