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5/15: Indians at Orioles


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Albers up in the 'pen. Don't feel too good about him coming in with runners on, altho I don't know his inherited-runner stat is this season. Will look it up now.

Regardless, I think you have to pull Matusz now.

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    • I am glad Jim Palmer has made it to the next good team.    Brooks and him have been a treasure in the color role over many of the years.     Ben I'm not quite sure if his heart is more in the SEC or with the O's.     I would love to someday hear Mussina in a part time role. Palmer isn't Vin Scully but I hope we keep him for a good long time. A friend of mine at the game last night said he heard Mike Devereaux could be getting some spot appearances sometime in the future. I rarely get to spend the whole 2:45 with the broadcast, and tend to only watch live if it is late and close. Some of why I appreciate the community and game threads here is it has the deeper dive content that MASN reasonably doesn't worry about producing for a mass audience.     Grading Newman on that scale, she probably doesn't seem as bad to casual fans as she does to many of us.
    • I hadn’t considered the latter alternative.  Good question. Of course, I can’t even say if his mechanics look different, and if so, how.  
    • I’d say it worked out OK when the Red Sox started two rookie outfielders named Fred Lynn and Jim Rice.  
    • They aren’t really a man short, due to the Lester call-up.
    • 1.31 ERA in his first 21 appearances this year, 24.30 over the last 6.   Ah, the life of a reliever!   Jorge is a class act and I hope he regains his footing.   
    • Anybody could play 1B. Santander, Urias, Mountcastle. We should’ve been getting Westburg and Stowers reps at 1B too.    It depends on which metric you look at as to whether Mateo is on pace for a 3 win season. According to fWAR, he’s on pace for less than 2. He’s been less impressive defensively this year. I’m not saying bench him, but he shouldn’t be an every day player. Any decent manager should be able to find 4-5 games per week for Henderson, Westburg, Urias, Mateo, and Frazier, especially if 1B is an option for one or more.    Now is the time we should be experimenting with lineups and see which IF combo is the best. Instead Hyder/Elias seem determined to force Frazier at 2B and Mateo at SS. It’s not like any of them are doing anything to justify being everyday players. 
    • I see the manager’s job differently than the color analyst.  For the latter, there’s good reason to have someone with strong past ties to the team.   For the former, past ties to the team are unnecessary and can even be a hindrance in some cases.  Now, Mazzili may have been a bad choice for other reasons, but I have no problem with the O’s choosing someone with no prior Orioles’ connection, just like with Showalter and Hyde.  But I much prefer my color guy to be very familiar with past Orioles tesms and players.   Martinez wasn’t, and he wasn’t particularly good at the job otherwise, either.  
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