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5/25: A's at O's


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    • He just missed a HR on Friday or that OPS would be higher. Hicks is 100% on this team over Vavra. He’s the 4th OF we’ve needed this year behind Mullins, Santa, and Hays. Switch hitter as well. I see him batting 5th in this lineup the rest of the way with Frazier dropping to 7th. Of course all of this is best case scenario, but maybe not so far fetched.    This is all just a best guess, but I hope it works out this way because it makes us really good offensively and defensively. It also adds another SH to the team.    vs RH SP Mullins L CF Adley S C Santa S DH Hays R LF Hicks S RF Gunnar L 3B Mountcastle R 1B Frazier L 2B Mateo R SS O’Hearn, McKenna, Urias, McCann Hope we get to see this lineup eventually. 
    • Yeah he is at a low spot... but he still leads team in runs, HR's, RBI's, and total bases. I agree long term (2024) he will be gone, but I think he will soon have a hot streak and to be fair to him one would have to revisit this after that streak..
    • While it may not be a bad idea on paper, something hurts my soul about the idea of trading Norby and Bencosme for a guy we traded for Jahmai Jones. 
    • Kjerstad is getting promoted and Haskins is coming back, that creates some level of backlog, but I don't think it's that big of a deal as Daz Cameron, Shayne Fontana and Ben DeLuzio aren't exactly priority plays and Kjerstad will see some time at 1B as well. When Stowers gets back, that'll cut into it a bit.  I don't know that Kjerstad's promotion is a sign Cowser is getting the call, but if he continues to hit well for a few more games, we could see him called up maybe for the weekend series. I will be surprised if Cowser gets the call right now, but while I don't expect a call for this weekend either, I don't think I would be surprised if we see him when the team gets back home. 
    • ERod could be a “buy low” too.  Rarely do we see guys on the IL traded but maybe there’s a deal to be made…
    • We've had this discussion. Is it bad luck or do team's know how to position their fielders to get him out?  I was going over those huge the bigger swarms of outs at SS, 3B and in RF and each case he hits the ball pretty hard (well over 90 MPH). I think we sometimes get too caught up with EV as the be all end all for good hitting. Sure, hitting ball harder typically gives you a better chance of success (that's shown in the stats) but if you hit a lot of ball to SS and 3B hard, is that bad luck or are you hitting a lot of pitches hard but at poor angles?  Looking at his outs in RF, it's not hard to know how to play him there. He only has six hits to left field this year in total.  Either way, his plate discipline is pretty awful and when you combine that with his lack of ability to make adjustments consistently, and you get a guy who has been a hole in the lneup. I'm glad Hyde/Orioles have finally dropped him to 6th in the lineup, but I'm startng to think that maybe some time in Norfolk where he can work on making adjustments might be best, especially since the Orioles have O'Hearn and Santander available to play there.  And it's not like he's been very good defensively this year either.
    • It's a no-brainer to deal Urias and keep Westburg and Ortiz. Westburg at 1B, Ortiz at 2B, Holliday at SS and Gunnar at 3B would be an awesome infield on both sides of the ball. Or perhaps Kjerstad/Mayo at 1B, Westburg at 2B, Holliday at short and Gunnar at 3B would work for more offensive upside. Urias is a verstatile and valuable guy, but he's older and due to get more expensive much sooner than any of the prospects coming up. The organization also invested very little to originally acquire him, so dealing him away for whatever value the O's can extract is the best way to set the team up for sustained success with all the prospects currently in the minors.
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