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What late round overslotters are you interested in?

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I was just doing some looking around and found some really interesting guys. I have liked Bobby Wahl since Stotle first started really pushing the kid. Also, Zach Lee and Vincent Velasquez both seem like some really strong upsides prep arms. I know JJ will shoot for some overslotters, who do you like?

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This is a topic that I'm very interested in, especially with the loss of our second round pick. However, I feel as if it's nearly impossible to answer at this point because we do not know who will fall out of the top 3 rounds.

I do like Zach Lee and I think he's easily a top 3 round talent. However, I'd be surprised if he signed due to his commitment to LSU as a quarterback prospect. I would be very pleased if we came away with two very talented Texas pitchers in Taillon and Lee on Day 1, but I think it's unlikely.

Wahl seems like the type of guy that Jordan will take a chance on. I know Stotle has him in his top 100, but he admits that he is more bullish on him than most other publications. I hope we target him in rounds 4-8 if he's available, and he'd probably require some kind of buyout with his commitment to Ole Miss.

As far as some names that I'd like to keep an eye on, I'm interested in seeing where RHP AJ Vanegas, RHP Tyrell Jenkins, SS Jacoby Jones, SS Kellen Sweeney, RHP Russell Wilson, RHP Greg Peavy, IF Zach Alford, and OF Trey Griffen end up.

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    • You gotta be kidding me, they named a stat after SG?  No wonder he posted that tweet.
    • Updated through Jun 17th. Two new guys into the top 30 as Aron Estrada and Billy Cook make their way. Some of the Latin guys who are not hitting are getting dropped and even some top ten guys moved around.  New guys on the Players to watch scene as well.
    • I'm not sure I'd compare THIS team to any team, especially the 1970 team or the 1971 team. Those teams had enormous power and defense and starting pitching. But of course, the game is drastically different and specialised and the power of the athletes is night and day. I  think offensively speaking though, it's hard to compare the 24' Orioles to ANY team in recent memory, including the 2012-13 Orioles with Manny, Reynolds, Hardy, Davis , Schoop and the others..I just hope we can acquire a solid  starter and reliever(or two) for the second half run. Some difficult decisions are ahead for Elias.But this team can sure score runs..
    • I feel bad for writing this but Maikol Hernandez clearly can not hit professional pitching. He was Orioles first top 50 rated International prospect when he was signed for $1.2 million. He was rated higher than Samuel Basallo though I remember Koby Perez saying Basallo had a higher ceiling. I'd say he was right on the mark on that one. As a Venezuelan, he probably had less eyes on him then if he was Dominican, but a lot of this just goes to show how hard it is to access these guys at 14 and 15 years old or younger, when these agreements need to be made. Hernandez is the first of several high priced shortstops (Luis Almeyda and Emilio Sanchez) that have struggled to hit in the early parts of their careers. Now the book is not even close to be written on the last two, but neither have gotten off to good starts and Almeyda has been very injury prone in his short career. When you add in Braylin Tavera's struggles in Delmarva before getting hurt, the million dollar guys have all struggled to hit outside of Basallo. Luckily, Leandro Arias, who I believe was a $500K guy is really starting to hit in Delmarva and Thomas Sosa shows flashes of his promise and was also a just a $300K guy.  In the end, it's such a crap shoot and you can see why the Orioles tend to spread out their money vs throwing them at the million guys too often.  It also may be a good case for a draft. This would allow clubs to evaluate these guys at least at 16 or 17 years old vs 13-15. Still a tough gig, but it would seems to be a little better than throwing millions at teenagers with agreements that were made when they were 14 years old.
    • The thing is, Eric Fedde was a nobody before this year.  He’s having a great first half.  There’s nothing to say he’ll be any better than Kremer come October.   
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