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Callis echoes my desire for higher draft spending

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"But to me the easiest way to build a team is through the draft. Quite frankly, if the Yankees want a Major League free agent, they will get him. If the Red Sox want him, they are probably going to get him. The Orioles can't spend like those teams and the Sabathias and Teixieras won't come there until the team starts winning.

"The only way to compete is in the draft. If the Orioles were my team, I'd spend even more in the draft and have the commissioner's office screaming at me. They are more aggressive than most teams, but if you are spending eight, why not spend ten or twelve (million). Not every guy you get will hit, but the rate of return on the investment is high.

"They have not been cheap, but to me, if I had a bad team in the AL East, I'd be as aggressive as possible in the draft, I'd spend 10 or 15 million a year. The way the system is set up, if you are willing to spend, the system winds up driving the players who are not going to sign for slot money, to the teams that are willing to pay them the extra money.

Excellent series by Malewski.

Back in November I began a thread entitled What is your Draft Philosophy? Within I made the point that we need to raise the bar on draft spending to more fairly compete. While I noted $15-20m, Callis goes $10-15m. The point remains the same. Many disagreed, and likely still do, but it's nice to find that Callis sees it much the same way as I do.

Again, excellent series.

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I completely agree with Greg and Callis. The O's haven't been cheap in the draft, but they need to do more. We will never sign the top tier guys until we're competitive, so we need to add talent through other means, and the draft and international market is where we must make up ground. The Sox, Rays, and Yankees all spend in the draft, so we need to exceed their efforts in this market.

I'm a firm believer that the organization should allocate 12-15 million dollars to the draft every year. Assuming that we get good value out of that money spent, I believe we'll begin to close the gap on the AL East.

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    • If we were to sign Bauer, it would probably make sense to do it a few games into ST for several reasons. It wouldn’t mess with the initial excitement. The desperation for us to make a move starts to hit home more. As in, “ok this is really happening. Irvin is our #5.”  Then I would only let Bauer start home games in front of what should be more “friendly” crowds. 
    • 2024 is the Year of the Pitcher!  The last few years we've had a few hitters pop off.  We're at a bit of a crossroads with the org now.  A ton of talented pitchers (velo and/or stuff) but with question marks were brought in over the last couple of years (especially from the Mancini/Lopez trades and 2023 draft).  I hope/anticipate/expect a couple/few of them to take big steps.   Regarding Johnson:  I'm excited about him, but I have no MLB expectations for him in 2024.  I hope he stays on the SP track of development just based on org need.  He's behind Povich and McD for MLB time IMO but the upside might be higher. Just stay healthy, build arm strength, and hone your craft!
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    • Don’t laugh because of what we’re currently doing with the back end of the rotation… but don’t we now have a higher standard for what SP have to be to be able to crack the rotation of a perennial contender?  So instead of letting these guys toil in the minors trying to develop into 5th starter types for 2nd tier teams, why not convert them to relievers once they get to the AA level and have a significant injury history? Basically, just get something out of them. Again, they could always go back to starting. Let them focus on two pitches and only throw 60-70 IP. Let’s be honest, that’s what they’re going to be doing anyway, just in three inning starts. What does that do at this point other than land them on the surgeon’s table and end ticket them to Korea.  Look at Tanner Scott for example. We could be reaping the rewards of his arm, but instead we converted him in AAA and rushed him to the majors to develop as a reliever. The writing was on the wall long before that. 
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