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Machado aside, which of the O's 1-10 picks are you most excited about?

Who are you most excited about?  

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  1. 1. Who are you most excited about?

    • Rd. 3: Daniel Klein, RHP, UCLA
    • Rd. 4: Trent Mummey, OF, Auburn
    • Rd. 5: Connor Narron, SS, C.B. Aycock HS (NC)
    • Rd. 6: Dixon Anderson, RHP, Cal
    • Rd. 7: Matt Bywater, LHP, Pepperdine
    • Rd. 8: Wynston Sawyer, C, Scripps Ranch HS (CA)
    • Rd. 9: Parker Bridwell, RHP, Hereford HS (TX)
    • Rd. 10: Clayton Schrader, San Jacinto JC

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Narron sounds like the best to me, but of course I'm just basing it on nothing but the recaps I've read here.

I hadn't heard of a single one of these guys before today. Hope Jordan did well.

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My question is intended to be slightly different, focusing more on the player's value compared to his draft position, rather than just overall opinion of the player. But maybe the difference is too subtle to bother.

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This kid wasn't a high choice and I really doubt he signs but our 41st RD. pick SS David Blanchard looks like a hell of an athlete. Mr. football for Alabama and ranked as the 41st QB in the country by Rivals. The #1 QB in the state. Team went 15-0. Full ride to play football and baseball at Jacksonville State.

He is the type of athlete I really really like to get. Let him concentrate in just Baseball and see what he can do. Im big on the toolsy guys. He really seems like a good find. Im sure it would take alot to sign him.

He is from the same area as a kid i really wanted Reggie Golden.


Coty Blanchard, SS, Cherokee County

What he did: Honorable mention All-State, hit .524 with five home runs and 29 RBI his senior season.

What he can do: Blanchard’s basically Mr. Cherokee County. He was the MVP of the Class 4A championship game in football, went on to become Mr. Football, and then made honorable mention All-State in both basketball and baseball. I’d say he’s a little athletic.

Where he went: 1228th pick, Baltimore Orioles

Where he’s going: Jacksonville State, to play football. Not quite sure if he’ll double on the baseball team or not. No way he’s signing out of high school going so low. Especially with the Orioles…

The same article adds this about Mummey

In a Draft day surprise, as far as Auburn players are concerned, centerfielder Trent Mummey, not first baseman Hunter Morris, was the first of what’s expected to be many Auburn players off the draft board today.

Mummey was selected in the fourth round, 118th overall by the Baltimore Orioles. Mummey said last week “it’s hard to turn down money,“ so this all but guarantees his career at Auburn is over.

Mummey hated it at the time, but the sprained ankle that cost him the first 28 games might have been, as he calls it, “a blessing in disguise.“

Sure, it cost the 2008 Gold Glove winner half of his regular season, but it made what Mummey did through the second half of the season all the more impressive and noteworthy. In just 29 starts, Mummey hit 15 home runs, which ranks sixth in the SEC, while batting .371 with 47 RBIs, a total that ranks third on the team. His torrid stretch continued in the NCAA Regional, where he went 7-for-21 (.333) with a Regional-high five doubles while also hitting two home runs, scoring six runs and driving in seven.

“I had a lot of expectations for the year, so I was definitely worried when it happened,” Mummey said. “I came back really hot and it worked out.”

Along with Morris, other Tigers to watch today are leftfielder Brian Fletcher and designated hitter Kevin Patterson.

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I am not overly-excited about any of them really...Narron has good upside.

But the guy I like the most is Klein...I think he will be in the pen quickly.

I like Klein a lot. Would have personally liked to grab Rutledge there, as he could have been a "quick fix" at SS and seemed like late-2nd to mid-3rd talent after his spring season. But no mistaking Klein's talent was certainly top 75 or so.

Hope everyone takes a breath when projecting Narron. Reality tends to be a little less rosy than the snippets of a player you catch online.

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How do you figure that, when he'll be groomed as a starter? The only way he makes it quickly as a reliever is if he flames out as a starter and I'm not sure how fast the O's will give up on that one.

I would like Klein and Alexander a lot more if they were both being left in the pen for sure.

Takes me a few days after the draft to warm up to guys because I'm still pouting about my personal preference in choices.

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    • Do we know what his velocity was today? I know he doesn't light up the gun but was he at his normal? 
    • Longterm he’s probably that missing RH SU/MR that we’ve been looking for since the Fuji trade.  It’s probably Suarez vs Ramírez vs Tate for 1-2 bullpen spots. Wells and one of Irvin/Means could be in the bullpen mix as well.  Depth is good to have. I wouldn’t sleep on Ramirez either. Elias has shown a knack from adding relievers through trade or waivers. 
    • There's not a single high level prospect on the team he pitched against tonight and even the one out he got was crushed
    • Let’s tap the brakes on his move to the bullpen. His stuff plays and he can get outs. Best of all, he doesn’t walk anyone. He challenges hitters and gets weak contact. With our defense, I’d rather him give up the occasional double or flared hit to the outfield than to see walks. Keep him in the starting rotation until he proves he doesn’t belong. Wells and Irvin both have experience in the pen and frankly for Irvin, though I love him, has a real tough time throwing strikes at times.    anyway, let’s see what the old dog can do.
    • I could see Suarez sticking in a bullpen role long term with the movement on his fastball. Also he might be able to throw a 2 to 3 more MPH harder not having to worry about trying to pitch six innings. The Orioles have done a good job finding pitchers who weren't expected to do much in recent years and it would be cool if Suarez is another find.
    • I mean, heres where we really find out if Holliday is cut out for the majors and if he has the character to fight through major adversity right off the bat right?  Saw a good point that there was a guy previously that started 4 of 55, and that was ole #8.  Mike Trout didnt get his batting average up to .200 until May 31st of his first season.  Ideal? Absolutely not.  But when the franchises all-time hits leader started with the same slump its something to pay attention to.
    • Going 1 for 25 is not hard to do. I would imagine many HS Senior players could do that if given 25 at bats in the big leagues. Not saying Holliday is not worthy, just how bad going 1 for 25 is. Had someone not been on 1st, he could be 0 for 25. I would like to see him more aggressive early in the count and more protective late in the count.
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