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Orioles - MLB Draft Day 2 Impressions

How do you think the Orioles did on Day 2 of the MLB Draft?  

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  1. 1. How do you think the Orioles did on Day 2 of the MLB Draft?

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I'm going not so great because I'm not a big fan of some of their earlier 2nd day picks. I'll do some more homework and let you know what I think of some of the later guys, but my impressions right now, however cliffs notes they are, is that we took a lot of relief pitchers, and catchers. There are a couple potential SP in there that have intrigued me though.

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I went with OK, but really only time will tell. I would have taken Colon at 1, and Rutledge at 3. We definitely took a higher upside guy with Machado #1. Can we develop him inside of the next decade? We'll see. The # of Catchers they took blows me away, and I am a former Catcher. The Sawyer Kid looks like a corner infielder to me, and I do like the look of his RH stroke. The long bloodline of Narron is nice. I hope he can pan out as a middle infielder, SS or 2b. But the first guy that gets on here and grades this out with with any certainty...Is blowing smoke.

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I am not an expert by any means so I don't know how good all these pitchers are, but to me I think we needed to focus more on offense today. We don't have many legit position players in the minors and are stacked with pitchers. I know people say we did draft position players today and we got Machado yesterday, but I just feel like we needed to draft many more position players than pitchers and not have a close ratio like we did.

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I've prepped for/followed the draft less this year than in any since 2002 probably. I think the descriptions of the players are quite typical of a Joe Jordan draft - lots of players with legit major league talent.

I think Machado and Narron will be among the two best Os HS hitters taken by JJ - though perhaps not a high bar to clear based on ultimate results from Rowell, Pope and company.

I think Klein and Dixon are legit major league starter potential.

There were hints that guys taken between 7 and 10 would go earlier so there's some value there. I'd like to understand more about Sawyer.

I'll have to get more comfortable understanding if there are any Cameron Coffey/Michael Ohlman types though Esquivera and Tanner are among several very interesting HS arms. My expectation is that we will feel quite comfortable with the overall talent haul when we better understand the investments.

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I went with "okay," but I think there should have been another choice...."pretty solid." I would have picked that one.

Machado was the easy choice at 1-3. I'm not a big fan of much of the video on him I've seen, but all of those scouts can't be wrong. But then again, Lou Montanez was a high first round pick, #4 I believe, and a SS for the Cubs.

Klein and Anderson are great picks. I liked the LHP Bywater pick too.

All three are solid picks to, at the very least be solid bullpen arms. They obviously know Klein as they've been on him for years. I wonder if Joe was thinking about waiting until round 4 on him, but he decided to grab him there.

I like the Mummey pick too, but I'd bet Joe was looking for Leon Landry (LSU) to be available here. I like that he showed more power as the season progressed as he came back completely from the injury. Very good defender with an average arm and solid speed.

The Narron selection is a great pick, assuming he signs. A big switch-hitter with power and the pedigree is outstanding. What is not to like in round 5?

I really like the Sawyer pick too. He was rising up the charts a bit, but he may be a tougher sign. Offensive-minded catcher, who seems to have really improved defensively this past year. He put on some muscle in the past year and is highly thought of.

Parker Bridwell is a kid who if he doesn't sign, should be picked much higher in a few years. Typical Jordan pick, in that he projects well. He's athletic and will get better now that he will give up football apparently.

Clayton Schrader is a power closer from San Jacinto, the top JUCO program in the country. Not a projectable guy, but he could move somewhat quickly if he signs.

Hornback is a solid looking young catcher, who had no errors in 151 innings of work on the same San Jacinto team. He even hit .361 as a freshman.

Mosby is a bit of a sleeper here. He hit .451 with 18 homers in JUCO as a sophmore.

I also like the picks of Oliveira, King, Vader and Wise picks.

Urban (Penn State) and Esquivel (Rice) are two tough signs to watch for.

If you look into the picks, the five catchers are what jump out at me. Also, more JUCO picks than usual.

To me, if you think Jordan's job is on the line, that is nuts. He is very well-respected throughout the industry. In a few more years, when many of the young players he has drafted begin to ascend through the system, things will be much clearer. We knew there'd be a gap in talent when the shift from more college talent to more higher ceiling high school talent happened. They went pitching heavy in the draft and said we'd trade for the position talent down the road. Well, I guess that part is still....down the road.

Things are just starting to get in line throughout the player development system. You can draft all the talent you want, but if the players need "development," that is on the coaching staffs along the way. This is a very solid draft to me, so far. A second round pick sure would have helped.

The things that cannot be measured easily is the mental toughness and desire a kid has. If Steve Melewski's information is correct that Jordan is seeking more of that, then I'm encouraged. But, I think that is a systemic problem in the Orioles' organization. The atmosphere and culture of our minor league teams have to foster those intagibles. I look at what the Rangers are doing with the philosophies of Nolan Ryan and how he has raised the expectations of his young pitchers and their preparation. That is the kind of thing we need to do more of.

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