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Triple play!

Boy Howdy

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I finally made it to Citi Field last night (Much, much more impressive than the ballpark currently known as Yankee Stadium, by the way).

In the bottom of the 2nd, Ruben Tejada (no relation to Miguel) of the Mets hit a sharp grounder to third with nobody out and runners on first & second. San Diego 3B Chase Headley fielded it, moved right to step on the base for out number one, fired the ball to 2B Luke Zawadski for the second out, and Zawadski relayed to Adrian Gonzalez at 1B. Triple play!

It had been over 20 years since I'd seen one in person. June 15, 1989 at Memorial Stadium: Steve Balboni of the Yankees ripped a liner into the 5/6 hole which was snared by Cal Ripken on the fly. Cal threw to brother Billy at 2nd to double off Steve Sax; and Billy fired the ball to Randy Milligan to triple up Don Mattingly. Good times!

In 1992, the Orioles were involved in three triple plays within 24 days (two at Camden Yards), but I didn't happen to be there for any of them. What triple plays have you witnessed live?


(Also a great night at the ballpark because I saw young Mets southpaw Jon Niese set down 27 of 28 Padres hitters. Only a leadoff double down the right-field line leading off the third inning kept him from perfection. Now, let's hope the Mets get swept this weekend)

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I've never seen one live, that's gotta be exciting.

I went to a couple games at Citi Field with my roommate (a Met's fan) last year. Really nice stadium. Good views all around, and they've got some tasty concourse items. Did you get Shake Shack? That's a tasty burger!

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