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Reviewing Joe Jordan's O's Draft History... 2005

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Noteworthy players are highlighted in red.

1 Brandon Snyder C Westfield HS, VA

1s Garrett Olson LHP Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA

2 Nolan Reimold RF Bowling Green St U, OH

3 Brandon Erbe RHP McDonogh School, MD

4 Kieron Pope LF East Coweta HS, GA

5 Reid Hamblet RHP Biola U, CA

6 William Owen RHP Belmont U, TN

7 Robert Andrews CF Cal St Fullerton, CA

8 Chorye Spoone RHP Catonsville CC, MD

9 Francisco Figueroa 2B U Miami, FL

10 Ryan Stadanlick RHP St Josephs U, PA

11 Michael Gallaway LHP Missouri Valley Col, MO

12 John Raynor OF UNC Wilmington, NC

13 Kyle Dahlberg C Texas Christian U, TX

14 Mark Fleisher 1B Radford U, VA

15 Brandon Kendricks CF DE Soto HS, TX

16 David Hernandez RHP Cosumnes River Col, CA

17 Jeffrey Moore RHP UNC Wilmington, NC

18 Michael Whitney RHP Cypress-Fairbanks HS, TX

19 Dustin Lidyard RHP Lower Columbia Col, WA

20 Ryan Steinbach SS Indiana U - Purdue U, IN

21 Brian Logan LHP Louisburg Col, NC

22 Paul Chmiel 1B Pittston Area HS, PA

23 Elvin Vargas RF Connors St Col, OK

24 Stuart Musslewhite SS Texas Christian U, TX

25 Daniel Lonsberry RHP Northwestern St U, LA

26 Carlos Hernandez LHP Santa Clara Senior HS, CA

27 Chad Thall LHP Jefferson College, MO

28 Miguel Abreu 2B East Central U, OK

29 Tanner Scheppers RHP Dana Hills HS, CA

30 Gregory Young CF Delaware Tech & CC, DE

31 Arik Hempy LHP U South Carolina Columbia, SC

32 Joshua Faiola RHP Dartmouth Col, NH

33 Tyrone Anu CF Colonial HS, FL

34 Matthew Sopic RHP Seward County CC, KS

35 Patrick Egan RHP Quinnipiac U, CT

36 Shawn Ferguson RHP Texas Christian U, TX

37 Stephen Foster LHP Auburn HS, WA

38 Christopher Vinyard C Chandler Gilbert CC, AZ

39 Caleb Annesley C Blanchard HS, OK

40 Harrison Bishop RHP Edmonds CC, WA

41 Mark Horner LHP Oklahoma City U, OK

42 Bryan Lee RHP Cuesta Col, CA

43 Daniel Figueroa CF U Miami, FL

44 Brian Bent C Catonsville CC, MD

45 Bradley Rifkin 1B Park School HS, MD

46 Benjamin Bryan RF Wayne HS, OH

47 Craig Johnson RHP Bellevue CC, WA

48 Brent Davis RHP Clear Lake HS, TX

49 Ryan Saldivar C Billy Ryan HS, TX

50 Jeremy Bloor LHP Grand Rapids CC, MI

It's been five years since Jordan's first draft with the Orioles, and I wanted to take a peek at the results.

It's too early to tell what Brandon Snyder will become, though some believe his ceiling is that of a ML average 1B'man. His floor is simply never making an impact as a starter, and settling into a AAAA career.

Garret Olsen never made it as a starter, and was dealt for Felix Pie. Olsen continues to try to forge a career with the Mariners as a reliever.

The jury is still out on Nolan Reimold. His promising rookie campaign took an unfortunate sophomoric turn, and his big league future, while potentially bright, is somewhat in doubt.

Brandon Erbe, while employing a good arm, has struggled mightily at AAA this year. Time will tell how far he goes, but he seems somewhat stalled, though he remains a bit young for the level.

8th rounder Chorye Spoone shows signs of being a solid ML starter, if he can remain healthy. Therein lies the issue. He has looked good recently, but a career in the majors is very much up in the air.

David Hernandez was a great pick in the 16th round, and arguably has become the most successful pick, currently closing out the few victories we muster.

We missed out on signing Tanner Scheppers, who is now one of the minors very best prospects with the Rangers.

Overall Grade? As with many drafts, the jury remains out, though were one to ask for a grade at this juncture, I'd rate Jordan's 2005 Draft as a C-.

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As of now, I'd grade it better than C-. Hernandez looks like a solid major league contributor. Olson turned into Pie who could be good. I have solid hopes for Reimold and Erbe (unsure of role). Spoone looks like he's coming back. I've lost faith in Snyder but it's not a done deal. I'd go B- now possibly a B and there's still hope for a higher grade for this class.

Thanks for doing this.

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I'd give this draft a C+ as of now, potentially going up to A-/B+. Snyder was a decent pick; the players picked right afterward aren't doing any better. And he did a great job getting value out of later round picks. If Reimold is an above-average OFer and Hernandez is a good closer, I'll be very happy.

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I'd give that draft a better grade than C-, but that's more based on optimism about what the future holds than on current accomplishment. By the way, I haven't completely written off Kieron Pope, who has had two seasons derailed with serious injuries but is hitting well now at Delmarva. I'm hoping he finds his way to Frederick in a month or so, and if he does OK there, he could be back on the radar screen as a potential late bloomer.

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