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6/19/10: Finally Millwood's Turn?...


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People give me too much BS about the Gospel of Wieters, Cindy, so for now, I have shelved it. However, once Matt gets going, as I know He will, all shall know of The Switch-Hitting Jesus!

I still believe, Matt. :pray:

That Is awesome!:):clap3:

The people giving you BS......are mean:mad:


Get them

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He's shown plenty, but Samuel would rather play Lugo...

I'm not saying he hasn't, I like the guy. If it wasn't for injury he should have been on this team for awhile. Hopefully after a trade he finds more time.

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    • Just last year the Astros had Jeremy Peña as their SS.   This year the Dodgers have Outman in CF, the Yankees have Volpe at SS.   It’s an easy question but there are varying degrees and some gray area.
    • All I can say is that she doesn’t bother me on tv.  They all suck up to Palmer.  I love Palmer but he gets on my nerves too. He kept referring to the Giant as a speedster.  So Santander makes a great throw on Friday on a ball he he had go to his right to field, makes a perfect throw and they get the runner by an eyelash and after the play Mr. 20/20 hindsight says “I can’t believe they sent him”.  LOL
    • My own personal belief, without even looking at his pre-injury mechanics is that he lowered his arm slot.    His pitches tend to be high and he gets arm side run on his fastball and changeup and doesn’t get on top of his curveball enough.  I remember watching a pre-injury game at Norfolk last year on Mila.tv and his changeup moved pretty much straight down and he had great command of it.    I was encouraged by his Toronto start.  You can see how much better he commanded the fastball and he was getting on top of it.  He was actually getting called strikes and swings and misses down at the knees.     If there are no physical reasons which would prevent it, then it should just take looking at old video and making the adjustments.  Sounds too easy which leads me to speculate that maybe there is a physical reason.
    • That wasn't my point at all. I thought Ortiz showed promise, but he didn't get enough playing time with Urias, Mateo, Frazier and Henderson around. There is always something to prove. He can continue to put up good numbers and be ready when he can play every day or is traded as part of a package for a starting pitcher.
    • This happened to me early in the year and, for the first time listening to games on the radio, I turned it off.  And I used to listen to the studio-called games with the same crack of the bat, crowd noise and cheers, etc.  I am not one for hyperbole but it was the most amateurish broadcast I had heard above some college and it was the team with Garceau.  Saying that, I believe that Melanie has improved... but is just not ready for prime time, and is not being set up to succeed.  Whomever in the organization is in charge of this aspect is not very good. She sounds a little more comfortable/confident but then having to share a booth with Palmer, a larger-than-life personality, is cruel.  I blame the organization.  Frankly, I like Kevin Brown but feel like I am compromising.  For example, in their own way, Thorne and Palmer were perfect - excellent broadcast with the extra bonus of thinking it is two guys sitting in their backyard watching a game, drinking a few beers and energized by the game they love and having a few laughs while being professional. Meh, my 2 cents
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