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Edwin Encarnacion designated for assignment by the Blue Jays.....


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If he can get back to where he was 2-3 years ago, he would be a great pickup. Worst-case he's Tony Batista-Lite, replaces Atkins on the roster and we release him after this season. Best-case he's a league-average first baseman or DH and can fill a spot until someone better comes along.

He's only 27, and he might come fairly cheap.

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I can't believe all the support for picking this guy up. THe guy who just got DFA'd by a division rival. And how is this different than everything else we've tried in the past 5 years? Give me a break. I'd rather call up Josh Bell.

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Anyone is better than Atkins.

I mean, would you trade Atkins for Encarnacion, if he hadn't been DFA'd? Of course you would. Even if he doesn't end up accomplishing anything for us, he would be a better baseball player than Atkins.

Any move than can improve your 25 man roster in any way, without sacrificing anything at the lower levels, is always good.

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Go get him.

For a guy that doesn't have a great OBP, his walk% isn't that bad...9.3% for his career and over 12% this year.

His BABIP this year is 167. that is absurdly low.

His LD% is just over 14% but still, the BABIP should be higher..Speaks to a lot of bad luck there.

He hits a lot of flyballs...he just turned 27 entering the season.

He was a one time top talent.

The one thing I notice, that stands out IMO, is that his LD% hasn't been that great over the last few years...That appears to be the issue with his BA and slugging.

His HR/FB% is high because he hits a ton of flyballs but he isn't hitting enough line drives.

He has always been able to hit homers but has never been much of a doubles hitter...only has 5 this year. That probably is some indication about his LD%.

You have to take a chance on a guy like this when you are as pathetic as we are.

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