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Great News!


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Gary wins.

There must have been something she saw coming, because I can't believe she would take a job that is at best a lateral move without being on notice that her job is in jeopardy.

No chance that this is even close to a lateral move... We have much, much bigger media market in Maryland, more overall athletic and academic prestige, and more money. She had to have realized that no one here liked her, at all. She can now go somewhere where people don't hate her (yet) and she can underfund and undervalue their revenue sports.

Also, what makes this even better, is that Gary is victorious. Now, I won't have to worry about his legacy being celebrated correctly once he's done coaching.

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I'll give her credit for success in the non-revenue sports and running as "clean" a ship as possible when it comes to compliance, but the 1000 lbs elephant in the room is football. There are many football moves she has made that has left everyone scratching their collective heads like avoiding playing Navy on a regular basis and taking West Virginia off the schedule for two years just as the rivalry was getting some heat.

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