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7/10 - O's @ Rangers (Game 3)

The Rick

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I'm upset because he's consistently been our best player for 3+ years, and has gotten little to no recognition for it.

I guarantee if you asked even casual fans at opposing stadiums who they thought our best player is, they'd be able to point out Nick very easily.

That's been my experience at other stadiums too.

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It was a tough play, but he should've laid back and played it on a hop. With a 5-run lead, who cares about a single?

Jones essentially gave them a run. That's why that play angers me. It's just dumb baseball.

It was pretty obvious that Jones knew it, though. Dropped a very obvious F bomb when they zoomed in on him afterwards.

I don't mind that stuff happening... but LEARN FROM IT!!!!!!!

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H H H H H..H H H GREGG! :cussing:

Please, MASN, find a few more sponsors/advertisers. :pray:

Seriously! Which agency is putting out that garbage and thinking it's quality advertising? These commercials make me cringe when I drive past an HH Gregg store. I'm afraid to step foot in one of their stores for fear of having to hear those commercials.

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