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7/10 - O's @ Rangers (Game 3)

The Rick

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I agree with most of this, but his curve, while looking like it has sharp bite, hasn't been close to a strike. I don't think I've seen a hitter even come close to moving the bat off their shoulder when he throws the curve, its like they can see it coming out of his hand, and they know he can't throw it over the plate.

That hasn't been the case with every curve he's thrown. I recall him getting Josh Hamilton to roll over on one, and Borbon weakly grounded out on a curve as well.

He hasn't had many called strikes with it, but at least he's keeping it down and not hanging it.

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:)Okay, this is ridiculous. The Orioles are just killing me this year. When they finally do something good on the field, it kills my fantasy team. Last night, my closer Feliz got blasted by the O's. Now Cliff Lee is getting roughed up. I'm pretty much doomed to lose this week to the last place team. Thanks O's!!:)

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