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O's top 10 minor leaguers at the All Star break


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Tony got me thinking with this comment "do you see an impact guy". Now I am using it total out of context but the question is "who are O's top 10 minor leaguers right now?"

Matusz, Tillman and Arrieta are considered in the majors and do not count. Machado is not signed yet. Yes I know this belongs in the minor league board and that is where it will end up but humor me for a moment.

Give me your top 10 O's minor leaguer as of right now.

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1.) LHP Zach Britton

2.) 3B Josh Bell

3.) RHP Ryan Berry

4.) 2B L.J. Hoes

5.) RHP Randy Henry

6.) OF Xavier Avery

7.) C Caleb Joesph

8.) RHP Jesse Beal

9.) RHP Matthew Hobgood

10.) RHP Brandon Cooney

***Note: I never would have thought that BRANDON Cooney would be the highest 'Brandon' on my list. Erbe and Snyder are now non-prospects to me, while Waring is K-ing way to much.

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1: Zach Britton

2: Manny Machado(He is signing so I am putting him here anyway)

3: LJ Hoes

4: Josh Bell

5: Xavier Avery

6: Dan Klein(Read Machado)

7: Ryan Berry

8: Aaron Wirsch

9: Matt Hobgood

10: Jacob Cowan

Explanations: Hoes is showing ML tools and skills, IMO he is gonna be our future 2B. Bell is down in my eyes some, but the ranking is more a testament to Hoes than anything else, gotta love Hoes! Avery has great tools and is hitting very well for his age in Fredrick. Klein has a good future ahead of him and will sign. Berry looks like a safe mid rotation arm. Wirsch has a great ceiling and his injury isn't majorly serious. Hobgood since taking a few starts off has came back throwing in the low 90's again, lets see if he can get his FB back into topping out at 95 again. I think it is no coincidence that the game he is touching 93 again is the game his K's were equivalent to the IP. Cowan is hurt but also has a very very bright future if he can get off of the DL...

I'd also honorably mention Mummey, Townsend, Beal, Coffey, Martin, Schoop, Webb, Leonora, Veloz, Henry and Tolliver. We aren't in an incredibly different place than we were at the beginning of this year as far as prospects go because so many that we hadn't seen much of were hurt. Still waiting to see what we have with a lot of these guys.

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So Erbe is 22 yr/old pitching at AAA and no longer a 10 prospect?

It is amazing to see Erbe and Snyder written off after half a bad season at Norfolk. Both are down with injury and should retain some standing on the prospect list because they are nearly MLB ready.

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I'll do you one further and list my top 20 and a few honorable mention.

1. Britton- Could become best of young O's pitchers

(Arietta- technically still eligible, but won't be soon)


2. Hoes- Back from injury, should have a great second half

3. Berry- May not have top of rotation upside, but great chance to be MLer

4. Avery- Very solid overall, but has been very streaky

5. Hobgood- A bit of a down year so far, but way too early to drop too low

6. Bell- Mediocre year so far


7. Givens- Lost season with injury but ceiling is still very high

8. Snyder- Bad year so far, but is far from a non-prospect

9. Coffey- Still hasn't pitched but is young and has huge upside

10. Angle- Coming around in AAA, could be 4th OF for O's next year

11. Joseph- Mediocre stats so far

12. Beal- Very solid year, moving up the ladder

13. Cowan- Great year before injury, hopefully will be back soon

14. Henson- Becoming a real prospect even if he's just a utility guy in the ML

15. Wirsch- See Coffee

16. Bundy- Putting together a nice season after moving into the rotation

17. Beato- Back from the dead has become a real bullpen prospect

18. Erbe- Terrible year so far, needs to move to bullpen when healthy again

19. Henry- Also missed some time with injury, but solid season so far

20. Ohlman- Struggled in Delmarva, very solid in Bluefield so far

HM: Schoop, Waring, Moore, Tolliver, Leonora, Egan, Spoone, Mummey

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It is amazing to see Erbe and Snyder written off after half a bad season at Norfolk. Both are down with injury and should retain some standing on the prospect list because they are nearly MLB ready.

Snyder has had enough time at AAA where he should have figured something out by now. I am not writing him off, I am just higher on the guys I have listed...Erbe was already in the 5-7 range after a great year in Bowie, with the recent draft and some guys having solid years, I would move him back toward the 11-13 range...Shoulda atleast had him as an HM.....

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1. Britton - obvious

2. Machado - gonna sign

big gap in talent

3. Bell - big upside despite so-so year at AAA

another gap not as big. Rankings could easily be mixed around.

4. Hoes - looked very good early on but has slowed down post injury. somewhat concerned about his ability to play 2nd base

5. Berry - big league future but not top of the line

6. Erbe - big success at AA last year. Problems this year may be injury related and I feel very confident he can be a very good reliever

7. Avery - he's young and has improved. I'm not confident he'll ever be an OBP guy. If not, he must develop power or I can't see his big impact.

8. Hobgood - He's got youth and talent. Not likely to live up to his draft status but still can be a solid big leaguer.

9/10. Joseph/Angle: big league futures but probably as backups

Others of interest in no order: Mummy (good start not enough info), Beao, Egan, Townsend, Mahoney (probably not going to get there), Klein (if he's not a starter I can't put him in the top 10 before he even signs), Welty.

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    • Do players really have that much control of direction? I definitely think there's a major variance factor in that. 
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