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MacPhail: O's willing to take "big-time" player in a salary dump


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He's also a 10 & 5 guy, and I doubt he wants to leave his home to come to this crappy team.

He has a $15M club option for '11. Maybe if he doesn't think he can get that much next year he waives the NTC if we agree to pick up the option. Several million dollars can get people to put up with a year of crappiness away from home...

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So the Orioles are going to become an older, more expensive team, filled with players who are probably going to suck, hence their being put on waivers/traded-as-salary-dumps in the first place.


"Filled with players? We are talking one or two players max off the waiver wire.

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If he's waived he has no choice.

Yes he does. No-trade protection works to give the player power over where he plays. Thus he can reject trades and also waiver claims.

The latter gets almost no attention since it so rarely comes up.

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Umm pot meet kettle? At least the Cubs have realized some modicum of success since 1997.

Yes...but they have a pretty bankrupt farm system and two awful contracts that will likely prevent them from making any major moves on a team that's not getting any younger.

Look...I would love to have some success like the Cubs have had, but there is certainly a smarter way to do it.

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The Cubs' farm system is not bankrupt. It's probably in the 11-15 range in MLB. It'll put 4-6 guys on the BA top 100 list.

Oops...sorry! Didn't realize that.

Still...do you feel that the Zambrano, Soriano, and to a lesser extent, Fukudome contracts are a bit of an albatross?

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