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Juan Samuel Isn't Considering Dropping Matusz From Rotation


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There is no reason Samuel should even think about taking Matusz out of the rotation. He has had his ups and downs but he is 23 years old and playing his first full season in the AL East.

I didnt get to watch the game but does anyone think Fox catching had anything to do with Matusz's problems today or was he just not locating?

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Ya you guys are right I edit my message Matusz shouldn't be dropped from the rotation I have faith in Matusz to get his stuff togather but, what is Juan doing to get this team on track? I havn't seem him make any changes. Is he considering doing anything different then the normal to perhaps spark the team other then going on a all-bourbon diet? I don't know maybe im just frustrated at him and his managing after last nights game.

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Where did his command/velocity go?

88 up in the zone doesn't cut it.

This is the second straight start this has happened.

I was glad to see him get the time off because I thought that the days off to rest his arm would be good...But it didn't happen, so whats wrong?

Hiding an injury? Tired arm?

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