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Just curious what the board is predicting for these two interesting matchups. I say Cleveland in 7 because after their 1-2 punch their rotation seems better than Boston's. I also say Colorado in 6 because I think they drop a game or two to Webb then win after that. Thoughts?

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    • 09 romorr: Would you do a Hall/Cowser trade for Brandon Woodruff?     1:09  Dan Szymborski: I might     1:09  Dan Szymborski: I’d want an extension window     1:10  Dan Szymborski: I think the Orioles should be adding talent, but I think in FA right now     1:10  Dan Szymborski: I think you don’t start cashing in everyone until you have MORE confirmation that you’re good
    • Tampa is a purely transactional team like the A’s.   The Orioles have more resources and can be a hybrid much like the Indians or Mariners.  They can lay out for one or two big free agent contracts and extend their own players.   They will begin being more transactional in 3-4 years when the first wave of players gets closer to free agency.
    • Are the O's willing to participate in the posting process?
    • I wonder if this guy could be a second pitching addition for us.   Seems like he might make a good long reliever/spot starter. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/12/npbs-hanshin-tigers-post-shintaro-fujinami.html  
    • I wimped out and said 120-139.  I really want the answer to be 140-159.   But I’m guessing the cap will be right around 140 or just under.   One factor could be how many pitches Grayson is throwing to get through these innings.  In his pre-injury outings, he was cruising along at 14.9 pitches per inning.   Those are very low stress innings.  But if Grayson finds himself throwing 18 pitches per inning next year in the majors, that’s a different ballgame.  
    • A little short on job title, but as a grateful longtime reader from back in the day, noticed this in Szymborski's chat today. SEA is one of those teams gotta fight past for AL top 6 in the shorter term. 1:06 Josh R: Noticed this in a transactions list :                                      Mariners Named Dave Cameron senior director, player procurement,                                                 Is this the former FanGraphs Dave Cameron?     1:06  Dan Szymborski: Yes     1:06  Dan Szymborski: (Sorry, was making sure he made it official or I couldn’t say anything)     1:06  Dan Szymborski:     Dave Cameron @OneDaveCameron     I should probably mention this now that it’s official. I get to do some really cool stuff for the @Mariners going forward. Quite a journey from @ussmariner (or asbs-m for us extra old people) to now. I couldn’t be more excited. Sincere thank you to all.
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