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Wynn Pelzer


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His Radar Gun is on the Roids! :) I cant find anything that says he throws harder then 93-96.. I agree with everyone hopefully he can be useful.

To be fair, most of the reports we have read are evaluating him as a starter. It is pretty common for guys to add a few mph to their fastball when moved to the pen.

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Really? Like who? Where does our team ERA rank once again? (Please let AO answer this one please peeps)

We have had very few pitching prospects not able to move through the system because of development. Just because they haven't pitched lights out yet doesn't mean our minor league development has been a failure.

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I don't see the McCrory comparison. Pelzer is a much better prospect than McCrory ever has been. Pelzer has better control and misses more bats (looking at K% and looking at how each performed from full season ball and above).

At the same levels of pro ball, Pelzer has been younger, he's played in the two most difficult environments for pitchers between the two (California and Texas League), and most importantly, Pelzer has done this as a starter. McCrory has always been a reliever and he's never been a particularly good one.

Question was limited to the O's system. McCrory, based on physicality and stuff, was the closest I could think of off the top of my head. If you have a better comp, I'm happy to listen and agree.

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I'm pleased with this return. Though not perfect, the Orioles have been successful at getting pitchers to improve their command. Britton, Hernandez, Arrieta (?) and Tillman all cut back their walks under Orioles' tutelage in the minors. Sounds like he's got a lot of talent.

Furthermore, the Orioles are showing a lot more confidence, under AM, in their abilities to develop raw talent. I like this approach.

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Is anyone going to throw out a comp that isn't a FB pitcher? Do people just not pay attention to GB rate? Is that why some people are calling his stats "garbage?"

         [b]Just Wynn, Baby              Spoone!!![/b]Lev Age K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GO/AO  Age K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GO/AOR+                            19 9.9 4.7  1.1  2.62A    22 7.6 2.4  0.7  1.76    20 6.3 5.6  0.3  1.66A+   23 8.8 3.5  0.4  2.00    21 7.9 4.0  0.5  2.67AA   24 7.9 5.3  0.9  1.25    24 5.9 5.1  0.9  1.70

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It just amuses the hell out of me when folks who don't have a clue what they're talking about go on the offensive trying to show other folks up. Tell us again how awful this trade is, big guy. We're all listening with baited breath. I sincerely appreciate the amusement. Maybe next you'll adopt the JTrea tactic and tell us how "we already have too much pitching". lol

I've written it before, but I'll write it again. Thank God some of you don't run this team. This trade is a really good one. I applaud Andy for getting someone with this much upside for 2 months of a 3B with a 680 OPS. I'm amazed the Pads did it to be honest.

Amen, brother. Preach.

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    • Can't see that happening unless another great back end option emerges this year (other than Felix). Tiny payroll and Kimbrel has been very good. Unlikely that Felix is back this year and I can't see the plan being for him to have his old usage % next year. 
    • Something tells me he wouldn’t be hurling a 16 LB bowling ball with a hook if he had a UCL tear. But, what do I know … I wouldn’t bother to argue my athletic credentials with him. 
    • I think they will move on from Kimbrel, especially if Felix returns and is healthy later this summer. I think they could make better use of the $12 million or so on the option. 
    • I covered about 15 consecutive All Star games at ESPN. In some of the early years, the players wore the uniforms they played with and seeing those players take batting practice wearing those uniforms was glorious to watch.Over the years I got to see Joe DiMaggio wear a Yankees uniform...Willie Mays wear a Giants uniform, Henry Aaron wearing a Braves uniform. I felt like I was transformed  back in time. It gave me goosebumps. One ASG in Pittsburgh, I saw Brooks Robinson take batting practice wearing his Oriole uniform. I took this picture. I showed it to Brooks years later. He smiled and said, 'Roy, look at the smile on my face. I loved to wear that uniform and take batting practice wearing it." Then he said something that moved me. He said, wistfully, "Thats the LAST time I ever took batting practice wearing my uniform for the Orioles." I believe MLB lost its soul a  little bit when they went for those silly "Beer League" uniforms, and those ridiculous day-glo colors too. Baseball, for me, more than ANY other sport is about tradition and legacy. Those All Star uniforms we saw the other night were almost vulgar, and something close to an insult on the tradition and history of the game.Brooks Robinson is gone now, and so are many who PROUDLY wore those uniforms and made history wearing them.I feel honored that I got to take Brooks Robinson taking batting practice for the last time wearing that uniform. I hear baseball, next year will go back to the tradition using the standard (not those grotesque city connect) uniforms and it will re- acquaint the nation with the uniforms the way they SHOULD look in a classic exhibition.It's never too late to honor the game and the uniforms great players wore doing great things.I just wish baseball would have gotten the message about 10 years ago.
    • @Greg Pappas I mentioned Brebbia as a second player in a Crochet or Fedde deal. I think he would be a nice addition. 
    • They have the option on Kimbrell.  They will likely exercise it and hope for a really powerful back of the bullpen. 
    • If they received 4 or 5 players for Skubal it shortens their retool period.    On Twitter, Most Tiger fans seem to think a fair deal is one of Holliday, Basallo, Mayo, or  Kjerstad…Followed By Norby, McDermott or Povich, and two more. Saw Beavers and Stowers among the names.  
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