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Adam Dunn has been claimed off of waivers


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    • So it was less about the O's helping him unlock velocity. Good on Dan's team if they were aware of this issue, reminds me of Chen's velocity being down in Japan after dealing with some injuries and it going back up in the States.
    • You can find some so so footage of Basallo in 2022 FCL games and Yordan Alvarez is an excellent comp, physically. https://m.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEA&search_query=fcl+orioles+game
    • Just listened to the interview.   For those who want to listen but skip the hosts’ earlier discussions of the prospects lists, the interview begins at about the 29:30 mark and runs about 50 minutes.  It’s a very fun interview and Grayson was very relaxed talking with these guys.    @wildcardcovered the highlights but there were three interesting tidbits he didn’t mention: - Grayson has a younger brother who also pitches and is 6’7” as a 14-year old high school freshman. - When Grayson was a high school sophomore, he was throwing around 95 mph.  Then early his junior year, he broke his hamate bone on his pitching hand while hitting a pitch that jammed him, but didn’t realize it was broken.  He pitched the rest of the season with tape on the wrist of his pitching hand, and was only throwing 90-92, so scouts weren’t very interested in him.  It was only after the season he found out he had a broken bone.   The next spring, he was throwing 98. - For most of his senior year, he was expecting to get drafted 3rd/4th round.   It was only in the last week before the draft that he realized he might be a late first round/early second round pick.  He was completely surprised when the O’s picked him 11th.    He sounds like a really fun guy and I’m looking forward to seeing him against big league competition.    
    • I really hope they give all those guys (who are now close friends) the opportunity to run down the orange carpet on opening day.  It's an incredibly special moment.  I will be disappointed if Hall, GRod, & Westburg are no in attendance.  I have to think the Pros of experiencing that moement will outway the Cons of keeping them down.  But then again, I'm an eternal optimist.  
    • I imagine that would net a fairly significant piece.   If the Brewers fall out of contention early could we up our offer and end up with Burnes?   
    • Watching Basallo ABs right after Holiday ABs this summer is going to be a lot of fun.  
    • Yes. I left already because it was 2 hours to get a table. We’re going elsewhere for dinner instead. I have the luxury of living a block away so I was able to walk over, have a few beers, and not have to drive home. 
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