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Does Machado Sign? Will You Be Upset If He Doesn't?


Will Machado sign? And what's your reaction?  

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  1. 1. Will Machado sign? And what's your reaction?

    • Yes he will, and I'll be glad
    • Yes he will, but I won't like the deal
    • No he won't, and I'm livid about how it played out
    • No he won't, and it's just as well

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I am pretty confident he gets done. We definitely do need him in the system, and also, signing him and whoiever else we plan on signing as the day unwinds are needed to cap off this draft. Right now, the way things are shaping up, this is gonna be one of our better recent drafts when taking all aspects into account(ceiling, projection, safety, quantity, quality).

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Why would Buck be involved? I think he might have a (limited) say in future drafts, but at this point in the process it's about reaching a financial agreement. I guess he could say do whatever it takes to get him signed but I already think the Orioles are thinking along those lines.

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Do you guys think Buck is involving himself in this process at all?

I've not much reason to believe that he would, unless he really does have part GM or GM type responsibilities that we don't know about. It's Jordan's pick and responsibilities, and for as much of a control freak as Showalter is, I'm inclined to think he'd respect that and leave Jordan to it.

Free agents would probably be a different story. That would be the one time I'd almost expect a manger to throw themselves into it, particularly a veteran like Buck. But as far as Machado goes, I don't see him involving himself. He's got enough problems to deal with.

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I think he will and at the end of the day, don't really care what they sign him too. I think there can be mistakes made but signing him is most important IMO.

I agree. If they sign him, I'll be happy. And I think that there's too much on the table for him to say no. At the end of the day, things will probably work out the way we hoped...

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I assume that he'll sign, and he was a good choice. He sounds more interesting than Givens or Miclat, but I've given up getting real excited about these guys until they tear up AA. I'll root for him and follow his evolution, but I assume that he'll be a bust or get injured and hope for the best. :) Next avatar please?

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I think he signs, but I'll be furious if he doesn't.

If this team can donate 4.5 million to the Garrett Atkins foundation, they sure as hell can pay Machado, who will instantly become one of our top position prospects. Pay the man and get this taken care of.

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    • I haven't watched any.  International competitions really never have greatly interested me,  be it the Olympics, World Cup or whatever.  I also don't have a current TV service so watching them would be more difficult than I care to go through right now.   I should have MLB.tv in week or so,  then I'll get all the baseball I want!  
    • With just over a week until Opening Day, who makes the final MLB roster?  Safe = 18: SP: Gibson, Ivin, Bradish, Kremer RP: Bautista, Baker, Perez, Akin IF: Mateo, Mountcastle, Urias, Henderson, Frazier, Rutschmann, McCann OF: Santander, Mullins, Hays Prediction: SP: Rodriguez RP: Wells, Voth (especially with Givens injured, I think these two are definitely on the roster), Bauman, Politi IF: Vavra OF: McKenna, Stowers
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    • Fangraphs credits him with 2.1 fWAR at 3B and 1.7 at SS, so that’s 3.8 so far (it’s possible they might have him dabbling at DH once in a while, we’ll see).  At SS, the O’s ranked 18th at 3.4 fWAR, with Mateo and Henderson splitting time roughly 60/40.  Fangraphs comments: “This playing time projection is the numerical equivalent of throwing your hands up in the air. Henderson looks bound for stardom, be it at third or shortstop, but Mateo is still holding on to the position for now after a solid defensive year established him as the everyday starter. His offensive numbers are downright ugly – that .284 projected wOBA is the second-lowest for anyone in this article with 100 or more PAs – but you can get away with that kind of bat at shortstop if your glove is transcendent. “In 2022, Mateo’s was, but he’d never flashed that level of defense before, so Orioles talent evaluators will have their work cut out for them early in the year. Henderson will likely start the season at third base, but if Mateo’s defense looks shaky, the team should make the switch sooner rather than later. Those offensive numbers next to Henderson’s name are no joke — think Corey Seager, if you’re looking for a parallel as an offense-first lefty shortstop. 2023 is just the start of Baltimore’s plan for contention, but what they do at shortstop will have ramifications for both this year and the future.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2023-positional-power-rankings-shortstop/  
    • What I've been seeing overall is that a lot of fans were more engaged with the WBC than with their regular team this spring. Just yesterday I was talking to someone who had gone to the games in Miami and were raving about the experience.
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