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Bowden: Harper to Nats 'Done Deal,' Deal Worth ~$10M

Don Quixote

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I can't wait to see Harper play every day. I've been reading stories about this kid forever (it seems). It all reads like the start of a legend. I look at this guy and can't believe he is 17. He looks 25. He's what, 230 pounds already? Just a monster. And he plays like there's no other reason to live.

Something I read today (yesterday)... his stats are otherworldly... but it was done in a WOOD BAT LEAGUE! :eek:

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Something I read today (yesterday)... his stats are otherworldly... but it was done in a WOOD BAT LEAGUE! :eek:

Yeah. Maybe you read the same thing I did. Peters Gammons wrote:

'Harper, as everyone knows, was the age of a high school junior, went to Southern Nevada Junior College, and at the age of 17, became the youngest player to win the Golden Spikes Award as college baseball's best player -- four years younger than any previous winner. In a wood-bat league, the 220-pound Harper hit .443 with 31 homers and 98 RBIs.'


'Griffey was 18 and hit seven homers his senior year in high school. [Chipper] Jones was 18 and hit five. Rodriguez was 18 and hit nine. Upton was 17 and hit 11. All with aluminum bats. To repeat: Harper at 17 played in a JUCO division and hit 31 homers.'

I do not believe I've ever read about a hitter as impressive as Bryce Harper is at his age. What kind of hitter makes Griffey and Arod look like children (when comparing accomplishments at the same age)?

His first chapter fits side by side with Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. Chapter two now begins. Very exciting.

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    • His glove is definitely ready. That’s what people are saying and since that is what Mateo is bringing the table, it stands to reason that he can replace him. Either way, Mateo is definitely not “too important” to trade.
    • Yes, they do.  And clearly they've come to a differnt conclusion than you.  I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt; not random posters on the OH- no offense to random posters on the OH.  I'm a random poster on the OH.
    • That would require me to read your entire post and we both know I can only handle maybe two sentences at a time when it comes to your posts.  😉
    • No, acting like Ortiz is DEFINITELY ready is the only thing that is untrue.  This is a discussion that could be had but it isn't had in good faith.  There are posters who KNOW he's ready, when of course, you can't possibly know that.  But judging by historical and current norms, 120 ABS in AAA is nothing.
    • Yes, IF you have sufficient runs being scored by the rest of the team.  Unfortunately last year we had too many black holes in the lineup, and to this point we haven't done much to fix that this year.  Thus the additional black hole of Mateo is more evident.  Sure, a good offensive team can carry a all glove, no bat guy or two in the lineup, but we aren't currently constructed that way.  
    • So every time they advance a level they throw out all the old data? It's weird, as much as folks here talk up the front office it also seems like they sometimes underestimate them.  They should have a lot of data to draw from.
    • So?  We know the glove will play, and since that's pretty much all he'd be replacing, Mateos glove, then more time in AAA really isn't going to make a difference.  Now if you want to factor in team control and stuff like that, then that adds to the equation.  But to suggest that Ortiz needs more time in AAA to be able to adequately replace Mateo isn't really true.  Sure, his bat could likely use more time adjusting to AAA and then the majors, but since he's replacing a terrible bat in the lineup I'm not sure it's as large of a deal as folks are making it out to be.  It's not like we are bringing up a guy to replace Santander, or Mullins or Adley.  It's all glove, no bat Mateo and Ortiz seems very capable of doing so now, even with only 25 AAA games under his belt.  That's largely because of how bad Mateo is with the bat though. 
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