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Buehrle accuses Pie of stealing signs


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Because he made like he was going to give a ball to a kid in the stands at OPACY and then snatched it away and threw it back to the infield.

Guthrie plunked him the next series and basically said he did it on purpose without saying it.

Some said he was pointing at the kid after he did it, though others said it was just a routine point at an IFer after a play.

Ah yes. Bush league move by Pierre. I look forward to tonight's game.

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So, um, is there just general disdain for Pierzinski (which I'm completely cool with) or did something happen last night that I missed (was at work didnt see the game)?

Just to add to BRob51's post, if he's not the most despised player in the game, then he's definitely in the conversation.

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What's Nestor have to do with this?

Oh...OH!! You were calling Pierzynski the frosty tipped turd burglar...I got it now.

Do you have a large psd file for that image? I have about 1000 uses for those eyes and a Galapagos Tortoise shot I desperately want to Photoshop that smile onto...

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