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One bloggers list of the top ten most hated baseball players.


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1- Manny Ramirez

2- Milton Bradley

3- A-Rod.

4- Kevin Youkilis.

5- Carl Pavano

6- Pedro Martinez

7 – A.J. Pierzynski

8- Carlos Gomez.

9- Jose Reyes

10- Gary Sheffield

I think Nyjer is gonna be high on his list this year.

Do you agree with the list? Who would you put on it?

Who would be the most hated Oriole for other teams?

I for one havent heard that much bad stuff about Youk but I dont pay much attention to the RedSox. His position on this list surprised me.

I think the Orioles are too milk toast to stir much passion in other teams but I would guess that Luke Scott probably pisses some teams off with his occasional bat flick and strut around the bases after a homerun. Pie really seemed to piss off the Angels(?) last year after his emotion after he hit for the cycle.

I think in a couple of years if Arrieta is good he will be hated. I think he will be the kind of guy to pitch inside and hit guys once in a while. I just think this guy could be dominate in the future. He is also supremely confident to the point of cockiness.

Jones could become super smug and perhaps too cocky but if he keeps sucking for major portions of the season and the fact he cant play centerfield worth a damn makes it unlikely he will stir the leagues passions against him too much.


I love the guy, but I know he rubs guys the wrong way. (Scoscia for one).

I don't hate Pedro, but I didn't like him either. He was a GREAT pitcher, but I didn't like the fact that he threw at guys. Gerald Williams comes to mind. He hit him when he was in TB--when Tampa was terrible. And then when Williams gets pissed, he makes fun of him. But Pedro never had to pick up a bat in the AL. He was too good to do that.

I don't have a problem with any of the other guys on the list except for Youkilis. I'd add Brett Myers to this list. And Paul Lo Duca if he still played. JD Drew. I used to hate Bradley and Miguel Cabrera until I understood more about what makes them unlikeable. Sports Illustrated did a good article earlier this summer about guys with mental issues (anxiety and depression mostly); guys like Bradley, Votto, Snell, and Greinke.

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    • Reminds me of the snow game many years ago.  
    • Man, I really really don't want to be a snob, and I know it's ballpark food, but as a Maryland-born son of a long generation of Potomac/Chesapeake waterman (hence the avatar I have here, it's my grandfather's wholesale seafood business...note the big red sign is a crab), the gushing the author does over what ever weird cream goo that is on top of those hot dogs as 'crab dip' kinda makes me sad. If it tastes good to the consumer, go for it, it's just not something I would use expensive (especially in the past few lean years with harvest-closures for certain areas) crab for. But now I sound like a snob and will accept my fate. 
    • You said you wanted him to putting a winning team on the field. He did. And of course Elias deserves a ton of the credit for last year. The bullpen was the strongest part of the club and Elias built most of the bullpen with a series of low key moves involving players that almost none of us knew.  One of the players that Elias drafted was runner up in the AL Rookie of the Year voting. Another player from the same draft came up late in the year and injected more life and talent into the club. Elias and his staff did a lot of things right last year. They made mistakes, but I don't think we should let those mistakes and the boring offseason ruin the enjoyment of last year and ignore the real progress that the team and especially the organization has made. It is not all gloom and doom. Heck, they won 83 games without even trying. Just think what Elias will do when he is "making a good faith effort to make the playoffs."   One year does not a rebuild make? I think that is exactly what Elias would tell us. And of course the Orioles rebuild is very much built for the long-term, not the short-term. They apparently barely have two nickels to rub together, so the team that we really want to see is going to primarily come from within. That's going to take a lot longer than you, me, and most of the fans want, but that's the way it is.    Hopefully the team gets off to a hot start and we can all go back to day dreaming about better times for the Os...and especially for us fans. 
    • Looks like he's playing 1B in minor league camp.  Be a great way to find our LH hitting 1B.    
    • So let me set the scene.  It's two in the afternoon and 34 degrees...  
    • For most games, gates are one hour before first pitch.  "Selected" games are two hours.  Opening day the gates open at noon. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/ballpark/information/guide#g-content  
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