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What is the worst team to win a World Series?


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Would it be MacPhail's Twins?

I dont think so. That team was loaded with lots of good to great players. They just lacked starting pitching after the the number three guy was gone.

Any of our resident stat guys have an opinion on what is statistcally the weakest and perhaps underserving World Series Winner?

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Yeah that year in terms of ERA...But Garland, Contreras, and El Duque are hardly *good* players.

That lineup and bench were deplorable...

To be fair, they had what you need to win the world series if you're not Boston or New York. All of their guys had career years at the same time, and they totally blew up and won it all.

I mean, that's pretty much what every team hopes for, including us.

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You're all WRONG !!!

Absolutely without question it was the G#% D@&%^$ '69 Mets. :cussing:

I know it's been over forty years but all I have to do is think about it for two minutes and my blood begins to boil. :mad:

Sangar wins the thread.

The 06 Cardinals didn't have a good record, but they battled injuries throughout the season. Pujols played 143 games, Rolen 142, and Edmonds 110. They got healthy at the right time.

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Without a doubt the 1969 Mets have to be at the top of the list. They had a good rotation with Seaver and Koosman at the top, and a very young Nolan Ryan as a spot starter. But outside of that, they had NOTHING. There has to be an entire generation of Orioles fans that still ask the question, how could we have lost that series?

In addition to the Mets, here's a few more, in no particular order:

1. 1985 Royals

2. 1988 Dodgers

3. 1990 Reds

4. 1945 Tigers

5. 2002 Angels

I'll put the 2003 Marlins as a 5A team, because although they had a lot of guys that became good players, they weren't at that point that season, and although a lot of them were traded, some of them carried over the next season and they were only around .500.

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