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Holy Crap I Just Had a Nightmarish Flashback to Jeffrey Maier

Hank Scorpio

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Apparently the Yankees lost a baseball game to another team. When I find out who, I'll let you guys know.

Go get 'em TBS

It's impossible to believe, but they're actually worse than Fox.

If it weren't for the TBS logo and the countless Conan plugs, I would've thought I was watching the YES network.

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$2,500 a pop, regular season, I believe.
Could you imagine that? It'll cost you 10k for a family of four to watch the Yankees beat the Royals in April.

Yeah somethings not right when you look behind home plate and see a bunch of dudes in suits.

The empty seats look much better!

The call in 96 was bs and so was this and the fact that they didn't even review it is just absurd. I'm glad the Rangers whooped them!

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And with today's technology, it was even clearer that Maier took the ball from Tarasco.

It was glaringly obvious then. It's more glaringly obvious now. Tarasco was standing there, waiting for the damned ball, when Maier leaned over the rail.

Now, there isn't even a rail to lean over. At least back then, it was obvious Maier was where he wasn't supposed to be. Last night's asshat just leaned out of his seat to interfere with the ball.

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No such stat for population by timezone, but population by state in their timezone (yes some states are split and the source takes this into consideration)....

East Coast = 141.6m

Central = 85.3m

Mountain = 18.7m

Pacific = 48.7m

Since the overwhelming of the population lives in the Eastern and Central time zones. The people on the West Coast are just plain SOL as far as start time for the games.

As of 2006 (source).

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