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Holy Crap I Just Had a Nightmarish Flashback to Jeffrey Maier

Hank Scorpio

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Has TBS shown a replay of this in the last 20 minutes or so? Have I just missed one, because I have yet to see it despite all of their talk.

Just off of the discussion, I'm thinking about rooting for the Yankees to win by one run. If they lose, or win by more than a couple, this is a footnote that gets some discussion but quickly fades into the "God, MLB is stupid" file with the other 500,000 details.

If they win by one, suddenly it's leading EVERYTHING tomorrow, probably up to and including the soccer reports in Europe. MLB will have to respond on pain of losing credibility with a nation of fans who will see nothing but idiocy and Yankee favoritism when they look towards 245 Park Avenue.

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Uh, you're wrong. Look very closely for evidence. That is the very definition of fan interference.



Besides even if the play was going to be made out of the field of play, they still stopped his glove from being able to go over the fence. It should have been fan interference and an out.

****ng Yankees!!! They already have a billion dollar payroll and an all star at every position. They don't need help from the umpires too.

Geez, watch them win another World Series after having a fan assisted homerun.

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I hate Yankee fans more than I hate the Yankees. And that's saying something.

Yeah, it's the arrogant attitude. Seriously, I would love nothing more than to see Yankee fans have to go what we've been through as Orioles fans the past 13 years. I guarantee many of them would be like rats on a sinking ship. Must be so hard to root for a team that is practically guaranteed a place in the playoffs because they can pay for whoever the hell tehy want and make stupid deciions (see Pavano/Igawa) and not even blink an eyelash.

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I'm not arguing that the umpire didn't screw up.

MLB didn't have much choice but to put in at least a limited system - they don't do anything unless they absolutely have to. The limited system was put in to appease the fans.

Great but that has nothing to do with what happened tonight. This was covered but as usual Selig gets the blame, not the person who was actually at fault.

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You don't put a limited replay system in place and then not use it because you didn't want replay in the first place.

Why not? What makes you think a sport that legislates against SHOWING many instant replays (at least in parks, and there's some evidence about broadcasts as well) would do whatever they can to promote a system they were brow-beaten into installing in the first place?

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