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What color commentator would you rather listen to?

Moose Milligan

Which color commentator would you rather listen to?  

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  1. 1. Which color commentator would you rather listen to?

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They are both awful. But, as already highlighted, at least with Morgan I get Jon Miller. There's also the fact that Morgan was actually a great player, and at the very least maybe I could get a nice story out of it. Even if I could get that from McCarver, he'd trip up over his own words and leave so many awkward pauses that by the time he got to it I'd have lost interest, assuming I had any in the first place.

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Good point about the associations.

Either way, I can't believe that ESPN and Fox don't know how much people can't stand either one of them. It's not like anyone anywhere ever gives them glowing praise.

Morgan and Miller's contracts are up at ESPN, and they have yet to be resigned...

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McCarver has some funny lines sometimes. Usually funny in the sense of "I can't believe he said that; how clueless is he?" For example, a few nights ago:

"He smells the balls."

(Joe Buck was talking about how Brian Wilson keeps a baseball not only from every game he pitches but every time he warms up in the pen. He doesn't label them, though. He goes "by smell.")

That said, he still sucks. And Joe Buck just multiplies the suckitude. The people picking Joe Morgan, who also sucks, because of Jon Miller are exactly right.

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Morgan, people have already say this but with Joe you get Jon Miller who is the man and with McCarver you get Joe Buck who is one of the most annoying play by play guys in the game. Plus, with Morgan and Miller I think they're better at being impartial. Seems like whenever I watch Buck and McCarver I'm watching two Yankee fans. Which is weird given those two guys' connection to the Cardinals.

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They were spraying champagne around the locker room and off camera you hear Boomer Wells say "you think Tim McCarver would like that?" :D

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