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World Series 2010 - Texas Rangers/San Francisco Giants


World Series 2010  

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  1. 1. World Series 2010

    • Rangers in 4
    • Rangers in 5
    • Rangers in 6
    • Rangers in 7
    • Giants in 4
    • Giants in 5
    • Giants in 6
    • Giants in 7

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Lincecum vs Lee... gotta hand it to Lee

Cain vs Wilson... Wilson has been great but Cain is amazing. Cain will win easily

Sanchez vs Lewis...Sanchez's biggest strength was against a lefty laiden lineup. Rangers are full of righties. Lewis easily here

Bumgardner vs Hunter... Complete toss up of two rookies

Ranger hitting >>>>>>> Giants hitting

Sorry but I don't see the Giants able to keep up. I picked them to beat the Phillies but I'm not picking them here. I said Rangers in 6 but the Giants will have to be lucky to extend it that far.

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IMO, the Rangers should win. I think the Giants have a slight edge in starting pitching and the Rangers will be without Vlad(i assume they aren't putting him in the OF) for at least 2 games, so that hurts.

That being said, I think the Rangers are the better overall team and Lee is just a beast.

They have him set up to throw 2 games at least..If they are down 2-1, going into game 4, they better throw him on 3 days rest. That's why you got him....And then throw him in game 7 as well if needs be.

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Rangers in 6.

I really have no horse in this race, though. I just want to see a good series...all I wanted out of this offseason is to see the Yankees get bounced, and to a lesser extent the Phillies, too.

I really want to see Hamilton get a ring, I think that dude deserves all the good things that come his way and I think he's going to have a phenomenal series. At the same time, I'd really like to see Lincecum and Huff get rings, too.

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What I love about this time of year is that you can throw all the stats out the window. It's all about the small sample size and in a short series anything can happen. I like the SF names - Madison, Buster, Bruce, Cody, etc. I like the old guys beating up on the youth in their last gasp (and not just because I'm old).

But, I also like Hamilton and Nefti and Nolan Ryan at the helm so it's a mixed bag of emotions. I voted TX in 6 but my heart is in SF ;)!

When they last won the series in '54, I was a bigtime Giant fan. They left me for the left coast in '57 and I tried to keep loving them but too much distance and too many emotions ruined that relationship. But, it was the right move for them because Coogan's Bluff had an old facility and money speaks. I'm back on the Giants bandwagon and will root for them (and the orange and black). Go Panda, Pat the Bat, the Freak and Cajun (ex-O) Fontenot! :clap3:

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