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Lee headed to the Phillies


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Pitcher Cliff Lee closed in on a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies late Monday night, as his agent informed the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers that they're out of the running for the free agent left-hander.

ESPN's Buster Olney confirmed that the Yankees received word late Monday that they're no longer in the picture for Lee, while ESPNDallas.com's Richard Durrett confirmed that the Rangers have also been eliminated from the Lee sweepstakes.


Not going to the evil empire :beerchug1::2yay-thumb::boogie::beerchug1::2yay-thumb::boogie::D:D:D

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Today, in light of Lee opting to leave millions of dollars on the table and join the Phillies instead of New York, beat writer Randy Miller says that Lee's wife had a big part in this decision, "A good source tells me that Cliff Lee''s wife is the main reason he didn't sign with Yankees. She wanted NO PART of New York, i was told." And: "Apparently incident with Lee's wife had last fall with Yankees fans wasn't forgotten. Besides that, she's not fond of NY.



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I'm glad Lee won't end up playing for the First National Bank of MLB, but "leaving money on the table" is largely a misnomer here, as he'll be getting more per season if the numbers I heard are correct. The Yankees' seven-year, $150 million deal equates to $21,428,571.142857142857... per season on average, while the backloaded, five-year, $120 million deal the Phillies used to land him equates to $24 million per season on average. If somehow he's still near peak form by the end of the contract, he could easily "recoup" the "lost" $30 million with a fairly short-term deal at bargain money by comparison. Either way he's über-rich....

Also, thumbs down to Chad Dukes from WJFK-FM for basically saying Cliff Lee wasn't a real man because his wife figured into the decision and he "turned down more money." Of course, though, I'm talking about the same guy who minutes later characterized all football coaches as "jerks in khakis" when blabbing on Alosigate (my term, used derisively), fawning so much over professional athletes and their need to retain their ability to "provide for their families" (God forbid they should do have to do anything else at all after the age of 30 or 35 or so) that one wonders how many parties he's trying to "VIP" his way into. Dukes is a great embodiment of how much postmodern masculinity is based on meaningless posturing and willful ignorance....

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It should be noted that with Cliff Lee, Philly's payroll is about 174 million....don't we bash the Yankees for this?

Don't get me wrong... HATE them with a passion... but one bully getting his dues doesn't mean much when two others ones with fans just as classless haven't.

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    • His glove is definitely ready. That’s what people are saying and since that is what Mateo is bringing the table, it stands to reason that he can replace him. Either way, Mateo is definitely not “too important” to trade.
    • Yes, they do.  And clearly they've come to a differnt conclusion than you.  I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt; not random posters on the OH- no offense to random posters on the OH.  I'm a random poster on the OH.
    • That would require me to read your entire post and we both know I can only handle maybe two sentences at a time when it comes to your posts.  😉
    • No, acting like Ortiz is DEFINITELY ready is the only thing that is untrue.  This is a discussion that could be had but it isn't had in good faith.  There are posters who KNOW he's ready, when of course, you can't possibly know that.  But judging by historical and current norms, 120 ABS in AAA is nothing.
    • Yes, IF you have sufficient runs being scored by the rest of the team.  Unfortunately last year we had too many black holes in the lineup, and to this point we haven't done much to fix that this year.  Thus the additional black hole of Mateo is more evident.  Sure, a good offensive team can carry a all glove, no bat guy or two in the lineup, but we aren't currently constructed that way.  
    • So every time they advance a level they throw out all the old data? It's weird, as much as folks here talk up the front office it also seems like they sometimes underestimate them.  They should have a lot of data to draw from.
    • So?  We know the glove will play, and since that's pretty much all he'd be replacing, Mateos glove, then more time in AAA really isn't going to make a difference.  Now if you want to factor in team control and stuff like that, then that adds to the equation.  But to suggest that Ortiz needs more time in AAA to be able to adequately replace Mateo isn't really true.  Sure, his bat could likely use more time adjusting to AAA and then the majors, but since he's replacing a terrible bat in the lineup I'm not sure it's as large of a deal as folks are making it out to be.  It's not like we are bringing up a guy to replace Santander, or Mullins or Adley.  It's all glove, no bat Mateo and Ortiz seems very capable of doing so now, even with only 25 AAA games under his belt.  That's largely because of how bad Mateo is with the bat though. 
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