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Source: Orioles Close To Signing Kevin Gregg To Two Year Deal


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And...it STILL says that.

Seriously, someone at NST has a major issue with reading comprehension. Just as a reminder, here's the Connolly tweet:

#Orioles have not made a $12 million offer to Kevin Gregg. Club doesn't feel any deal is imminent. 2 year offer bw 8-10M still on table.

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I'm just not sure they think this way. I.e., if they don't sign Gregg, they aren't going to take the money they've saved and put it into international scouting or the draft. They spend on those things what they think they are worth -- not that we necessarily agree with what they think, but I don't think they see the draft budget or the scouting budget as something that is fungible with the major league payroll.

I can't say for sure but AM did say that he was going to use money that he got back in the Zaun, on draft choices. So I think he does see them as coming from the same pot.

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Keep in mind that those last "tweets" were from WNST. And...Connolly's tweet says nothing about a deal being "close".
Dan Connolly

#Orioles have not made a $12 million offer to Kevin Gregg. Club doesn't feel any deal is imminent. 2 year offer bw 8-10M still on table


#Orioles close to signing reliever Kevin #Gregg to 2-year deal worth 8-10 million, reports @danconnollysun


I wonder why WNST loses credibilty...

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This thread is a testament to the journalistic integrity at espn, The world wide leader in sports journalism. Why worry about the facts when you can just report perception.

Thank god for guys like Connolly and for places like the Hangout where the truth is brought out.

Right, because 1) Connolly and Hangout sources are never wrong and 2) the ESPN people are purposefully misinforming the public.

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So then you move onto another pitcher.

This is an idiotic contract with zero justification.

He isn't that good...You just paid 6 million a year for a guy who has saved a good amount of games and put him on a team that doesn't need a closer.

Pure stupidity.

But I read on here where a lot of people are complaining because the Orioles don't have a high enough payroll. Isn't this a way of increasing payroll? Doesn't higher payroll equate to a better team? ;)

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