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24.99 USD/year

About Plus Subscription

Registered members will be able to post an unlimited amount times, but after 500 posts, they will become a "limited member" which means they will be allowed to continue posting but will not enjoy plus membership options like, larger avatars, reputation giving and taking, deleting your own posts, posting polls, search forums, can see who is online.

Plus Members vs Limited posting Members Message board perks:

Plus Members vs Limited Posting Members

Ability to upload pictures

Search Forums: Yes/No

Deleted own thread: Yes/No

Rate Thread: Yes/No

Post Polls: Yes/No

Vote in polls: Yes/yes

Private message system Stored messages: 100/50

PM persons at one time: 10/1

View persons online: Yes/No

Avatar size: 120x120/50x50

Reputation giving and taking: Yes/No

See who left reputation: Yes/No

We are now offering a new plus membership that is only $24.99 a year. This membership gives you full access to all of the above perks and makes you a full fledged plus member.


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